Jan 25, 2021
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Nikita Efremov remembered how at the age of 20 he tried to commit suicide

12:34, 01/25/2021

The actor noted that he devalued his life.

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Nikita Efremov has two half-brothers Nikolai, Boris, as well as three half-sisters Anna-Maria, Vera and Nadezhda. Close relations, as the actor admitted in the YouTube show “Beware, Sobchak!”, He maintains only with Anna-Maria, who appeared in the marriage of Mikhail Efremov and Ksenia Kachalina

Nikita’s father met his fourth wife during the filming of the film “The Romanovs. Crowned family “. At that time, the artist had already divorced his third wife Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya and was ready for a new relationship. Acquaintance with Ksenia quickly grew into a romance, which eventually ended with a wedding in 2000. In the same year, the daughter of Mikhail Olegovich and Ksenia Anna-Maria was born. Unfortunately, this union was short-lived, and after four years of family life, the actors broke up.

During a conversation with Kseniy Sobchak, it turned out that Anna-Maria wanted to commit suicide. As it turned out, Nikita Efremov also attempted suicide: “I tried to commit suicide. I had a cold readiness to do it to my horror. ” According to the actor, at the age of 20, he lost the meaning of life.

Mikhail Efremov and Anna Maria

Now Nikita Efremov understands that he has devalued his life in vain: “Death is one of the most important events. I would like to meet her consciously. At the moment I understand that I had to go through this pain and despair. Because if I had thought of doing it to the end, I would have done so. In this situation, the worst and most painful thing for me was the inability to seek help. It was very important for me to talk about this. Moreover, changes began to take place in my life when I realized that I needed help. I didn’t have the strength to cope with the problems alone. ” Efremov, as the actor himself noted, at first did not tell anyone about the suicide attempt. To his mother, the second wife of Mikhail Efremov – Asya Vorobyova, he admitted this only a few years later.

Recall that Nikita Efremov has been in a relationship with Maria Ivakova for more than a year and a half. Rumors about their romance appeared in the spring of 2019. Then the lovers were seen at one of the football matches, which took place in Moscow. However, Maria and Nikita officially declassified their relationship only in the summer of the same year, when they attended the wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov as a couple.

Nikita Efremov and Maria Ivakova

Since then, Efremov and Ivakova regularly share joint photos in their microblogs on Instagram. In addition, the stars publicly confess their love to each other. Let’s add that both Nikita and Maria have one marriage behind them. Efremov was married to a colleague at the theater Yana Gladkikh, whom he divorced a year after the wedding. The couple was even married.

Ivakova, in turn, was officially married to a businessman Ernest Rudyakom… They, too, were married for a short time, and divorced due to the busy schedules of both. Despite the breakup, the ex-spouses were able to maintain friendly relations. Nikita also does not conflict with his ex-wife and occasionally communicates with her. In an interview with Agata Muceniece, the actor said that he and Yana were both not ready for marriage. In addition, Efremov admitted that he was selfish and thought only about his own development, without understanding what a partnership is.

Exclusive interview with Nikita Efremov for “Around TV”

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