Nov 16, 2021
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Nikita Efremov and Maria Ivakova officially announced the separation


Actor Nikita Efremov said that he broke up with Maria Ivakova.

The artist shared unpleasant news from her personal life. The TV presenter admitted that her relationship with the son of Mikhail Efremov is over. The parting, according to the blonde, passed on a peaceful note.

35-year-old Maria Ivakova announced the breakup on her personal blog: “Nikita and I broke up. We parted with great love and respect for each other. I know how warmly you treated our couple, but none of us is going to comment on the reasons and details, this is very personal, fragile and concerns only the two of us. PS: We continue to be friends and support each other, no scandals, division of property and other food for the yellow press“.

Nikita Efremov confirmed that the collapse of their two-year union occurred without an unnecessary scandal. Former lovers remain in warm, but already exclusively friendly relations. “Our dance with Masha is over. Completed with trepidation and love for the path traveled“- said the 33-year-old actor.

Nikita Efremov and Maria Ivakova
Nikita Efremov and Maria Ivakova

Recall that the romance of the stars became known in the spring of 2019. Sources told StarHit that they saw the couple together in the same VIP box, where they did not hide their tender feelings. However, the artists were in no hurry to officially confirm the relationship. Rumors were confirmed when Masha and Nikita unexpectedly appeared together at the magnificent wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov in Italy.

In the fall of the same year, the stars openly appeared at the event as a couple, finally putting an end to the fan’s assumptions. Since then, Ivakova and Efremov often showed tenderness towards each other and confessed their love. Fans were impatiently waiting for the artists to announce the wedding, but Nikita always vaguely answered questions about the proposal.

Fans are upset that the lovers never started a family. However, they support everyone’s decision: “Let each of you meet your own person! Great happiness! “,” I don’t even want to like such a sad post! But I wish you to meet a man who will make you happy!“.

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