Jan 10, 2021
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Nikas Safronov’s son lost immunity due to alcohol

Nikas Safronov's son lost immunity due to alcohol

The son of artist Nikas Safronov, Luka Zatravkin, admitted that he had violated the doctors’ recommendations.

The musician has applied for a voluntary vaccination via the Internet. After the vaccine was administered, Luka began to develop complications. The man admitted that his arm was severely swollen and a large bruise appeared at the injection site. According to Zatravkin, the symptoms subsided after a week.

After testing for antibodies, it turned out that the vaccine did not work. The musician is forced to self-isolate. The artist’s son admitted that he himself was to blame for what happened. He violated the recommendations of doctors and drank alcohol at a friend’s birthday party.

Luka Zatravkin
Luka Zatravkin

I could not refuse a friend and not raise a glass, although in ordinary life I never drink. Probably, this glass turned out to be fatal for my antibodies. I thought I shouldn’t drink a few days after the first vaccine. I did not even imagine that three days before the second vaccine, alcohol is also prohibited. Apparently, due to alcohol I lost my precious antibodies“, – quotes the words of Luke” Interlocutor “.

Now the man fears for his health. Zatravkin explained that after the second vaccine, his antibodies decreased. The artist claims that he is ready to be vaccinated for the third time.

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