Oct 17, 2021
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Nikas Safronov spoke about the sexual experiment


Artist Nikas Safronov admitted that he fell from a tree during sex.

The star on the air of the program “You Won’t Believe It!” on the NTV channel he spoke about his most unusual sex.

I had, for example, a baobab tree in Africa. But I fell right into the fire. And I realized that the tree is not very comfortable. A certain beast prevented us then. A boa snake that fell right on us. And we fell with this black girl on the fire“, Said Nikas Safronov.

Nikas Safronov
Nikas Safronov

Meanwhile, in show business, they laugh at Nikas Safronov. They say that an artist would write romance novels, not paintings.

The bed is by itself. We all come and go to bed. But having sex on a spaceship during zero gravity is the thing. I haven’t had one yet, but I want to try in my old age“, – said Nikas Safronov.

Recall that Nikas Safronov has already turned 65 this year. He has a large number of children from different women.

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