Jun 21, 2022
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Nikas Safronov spoke about Tatyana Vasilyeva


Artist Nikas Safronov said that the artist should be left alone.

Recently, Tatyana Vasilyeva has faced criticism and rudeness from colleagues several times. For example, Stas Sadalsky called the actress a liar, and Sergei Nikonenko “a bazaar woman who will deceive anyone for money.” Nikas Safronov asked public figures to stop pouring dirt on the artist.

Many years ago, Safronov was in a love relationship with an actress, so he knows her from the other side. According to the artist, Vasilyeva is a hardworking, strong and intelligent woman.

I think that the attacks on Tanya should be stopped! She lived a complex, difficult artistic and human life. Yes, she may have made and is making mistakes, but this is common to everyone – especially big bright personalities. And these mistakes could probably have been avoided if she had a worthy assistant. But she didn’t have one. She lost her dad pretty early. She came to Moscow quite young and without anyone’s help, but thanks to her work and talent, she took her place as a great world-class character actress. Such as Meryl Streep, Ani Girardot, Anna Magnani. With her talent, she could easily work with the biggest directors in Hollywood.”, — 66-year-old painter.

Tatyana Vasilyeva - photo from the archive -
Tatyana Vasilyeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Safronov defends Tatyana Grigorievna, and there were moments when the actress spoke unflatteringly about him. The artist, in turn, does not remember the past and does not hold a grudge against his former lover at all.

I have known Tanya for many years. And when we had a relationship, I saw how she worked hard, how she gave herself to the theater 100%. Later, when we had already stopped talking, I heard from different people and sometimes in the media that she said some unpleasant things about me, and sometimes vice versa – sublimely and very well. I don’t pay attention to it. If only because I always considered and still consider her a great actress and respected her as a person. She earned all the money with her work. And what impresses me about her is that she endlessly, to unconsciousness, loves her children. Tatyana is not only a great actress, but also a great workaholic. And this is also worthy of respect.”, — concluded Nikas Stepanovich PROZVEZD.

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