Aug 13, 2022
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Nikas Safronov rejoices that scandalous shows were closed


Artist Nikas Safronov is glad that the dirty underwear of the stars will no longer be shown on TV.

The master of the brush is convinced that federal channels, which abound in talk shows, will not lose anything if such television programs are removed from the air grid.

The artist believes that what he saw and heard can negatively affect the psyche of the audience. They begin to believe in fables, taking at face value everything that is broadcast to them, and, instead of surrounding themselves with positive, on the contrary, they plunge into the world of eternal scandals and abuse.

Nikas Safronov - photo from the archive -
Nikas Safronov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

They (talk shows – ed.) sometimes cross the line. In our difficult time, it is probably really not worth showing on federal channels the disgrace that we periodically observe in all kinds of talk shows on different TV channels – dirt, squabbles, scandals, lies. Many talented, and even ordinary people, were undeservedly denigrated on these talk shows – without understanding the essence or deliberately inventing a “duck“, – said the artist.

Viewers are shown underwear, fights for inheritance, they tell who is sleeping with whom. This is all a negative example for the people”, concluded Safronov, PROZVEZD.

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