Sep 16, 2020
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Nikas Safronov refused to help his son Luka Zatravkin with money, who broke the pool in a Turkish hotel

11:10, 09/16/2020

The musician, who weighs under 250 kilograms, jumped into the children's "paddling pool".

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The 29-year-old son of Nikas Safronov, Luka Zatravkin, has been resting at a hotel in Turkey for several weeks. Last week, he had an unpleasant incident resulting in health problems. The musician, who likes to jump into the water with a running start, did not calculate the depth. The son of Nikas Safronov, who weighs under 250 kilograms, got into the children's "paddling pool". As a result, Luka broke his legs bleeding, and the pool fell into disrepair.

As 64-year-old artist Nikas Safronov said, his son asked for financial help. The fact is that the Turks estimated the damage caused to them at 19 thousand dollars. Zatravkin did not have that kind of money. The owners of the hotel decided not to let the artist's son out of the territory until he paid them for the broken pool. Despite Luka's inability to return to Russia, Safronov refused to lend money even on credit. “Don't think that I feel sorry for the money. I reason like this: if Luka found the money to go to Turkey and live in such a luxurious hotel, he will somehow find the means to return back, "Safronov told reporters.

Luka Zatravkin in the pool

However, Zatravkin himself is not discouraged. As he said in his microblog on Instagram, many of his fans are worried about his unsuccessful collision with the pool. He posted a video showing his injuries, noting that he was doing well.

Luka calmed everyone who worries about his health

Recall that the artist's overweight son said in March that he sets himself the goal of reaching the weight of an adult lion - 250 kilograms. To do this, Zatravkin needed to gain 26 kilograms. However, after the musician said that this statement was just a joke. Say, he decided to react this way to constant comments and tactless advice about excess weight. However, Luca recently showed in a video on his microblog on Instagram breakfast, which he eats in a Turkish hotel, consisting of scrambled eggs, a basket of buns, various types of cheese and fruits. In the same video, Zatravkin demonstrated a running jump into the pool, which this time turned out to be successful.

Zatravkin showed his usual breakfast in a Turkish hotel

We add that Luka Zatravkin has already tried to lose weight. Once he weighed 159 kilograms and, at the insistence of his father, reduced his weight to 73. But the dramatic weight loss had a detrimental effect on the health of the young man. Sagging skin had to be removed surgically. During this operation, a blood clot developed. However, Luka understands that his excess weight can cause inconvenience to others. Therefore, the painter's son travels by taxi and does not use public transport. On the plane, he buys two seats at once, so as not to embarrass other passengers.

Losing weight dramatically affected Luka's health

By the way, Nikas Safronov still continues to insist on losing weight to his offspring. The reluctance of his son to again take the path of weight loss was another reason for the refusal of money. “If he lives his life and does not listen to my requests, I am not going to be held responsible for any consequences associated with his excess weight. It's enough that because of him my image suffers. I hope that at least after this story he will understand that he needs to start losing weight, "summed up Nikas Safronov in an interview with the" Interlocutor "publication.

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