Nov 11, 2021
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Nikas Safronov lost a lot of money and nerves due to Turkish real estate


65-year-old artist Nikas Safronov admitted that he started having health problems due to the fact that he believed the crooks.

The famous artist said that several years ago he confided in friends who convinced him to buy a plot in Turkey with a crumbling house. Nikas was impressed by the nearby ruined church of St. Nicholas, built in the 7th century. Safronov decided that this was fate.

I thought I would restore the old house, invite friends from Moscow and all over the world, restore the Temple of Nicholas the Wonderworker, which will be visited by pilgrims. Our relations with Turkey will strengthen even more on a spiritual level. In general, I thought that I would do a good deed and fulfill a great mission“, – the artist shared.

A native of Ulyanovsk bought the recommended plot for a lot of money. He later learned that the selling party had secretly written down debts to this company in the amount of 400,000 euros. Then it turned out that on his land the owner has the right only to start a garden and grow vegetables. The artist had to go through a lengthy process of obtaining permission to restore and rebuild the old house.

Nikas Safronov
Nikas Safronov

Now, the restoration work has been stopped by the police. Future neighbors of the painter complained about the noise.

The first builders who were recommended to me turned out to be very inhibited, the second – unprofessional. But with the third, everything is not going very well so far. Let’s say you give them a project according to which they have to build, but they still do it in Turkish, in their own way. Our architects fly out there, long disputes and showdowns begin, and builders are reluctant to agree with their arguments. Because of this, the construction was delayed, although it was supposed to end in the middle of summer. This, apparently, also bothered the neighbors who live nearby. And someone wrote a complaint. And on this complaint, the police came, they forbade the continuation of the restoration work. And although there are no neighbors nearby, in general, those distant, probably, sleep uneasily when someone from the Russian builds a house nearby and will be their neighbor“, – complained Nikas.

The artist began to have health problems because of the excitement. He is very worried that he was deceived by his friends. To help his father resolve issues with the police, Safronov’s son, pianist Luka, flew to Turkey.

This is my biggest stupidity and headache. I am very sorry that I got involved in this story with Turkish real estate. Now I can’t sleep without sleeping pills. But before there were no problems with me. This is what it means to trust the crooks who convinced me to invest in Turkish real estate. If my money lay in the bank and the bank collapsed, I would not be so worried and put up with it: everyone lost, and so did I. And then the people who got into trust and began to be called friends were deceived. But it turned out that these are simple crooks“, – Safronov admitted.

Nevertheless, Nikas believes in higher powers and that this test was given to him for a reason. “I believe in a bright future, in the fact that next summer my friends and I will have a rest in my house in Turkey, which offers a stunning sea view“, – quotes the artist” Interlocutor “.

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