Oct 15, 2021
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NI: NATO risks not making it to 75th anniversary


NI: NATO risks not making it to 75th anniversary
Federal news agency

The American political scientist Gvozdev believes that three serious issues have ripened in NATO, which are not trying to be resolved in the alliance, which may lead to its early disintegration into smaller military blocs. The expert stressed that the question “will NATO live to be 75 years old?” becomes more and more relevant.

The first problem is in NATO funding… Gvozdev cites official figures that say that continental Europe is making almost no contribution despite the fact that there are 25 members of the organization.

“Look at the numbers: 80% of NATO’s defense spending comes from allies outside the EU.” Thus, the strategic perspective and priorities of the three main NATO members outside the EU – Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States – run counter to the Alliance’s mission to defend “Europe,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Gvozdev believes that the second problem is in turkish question… Ankara abandoned the principle of organizing the unification of weapons and signed a contract with Russia for the purchase of S-400 air defense systems. After the delivery of the first batch, Turkey intends to continue cooperation with Moscow, contrary to the official position of Washington. The political scientist also pointed to the position of Turkish President Recep Erdogan. He stated about NATO’s inability to provide assistance to Ankara in the event of a real threat and the desire to play a more significant role in a number of regions of the world.

According to the American political scientist, the third problem may lead to the collapse of the North Atlantic Alliance. It consists in regionalization of new unions… One of these was concluded between Greece and France. The defensive pact, according to Gvozdev, is directed against Turkey, a NATO ally. Paris and Athens have stepped up cooperation in the Mediterranean region and have already signed new military contracts.

A similar regionalization happened a little earlier, when the US, UK and Australia created a new block AUKUS. Gvozdev believes that Washington has noticed the passive position of continental Europe in the confrontation with China and the defense of Taiwan. As a result, an alliance was formed, aimed exclusively at protecting interests in the Indo-Pacific region. The Americans left behind even France, which has interests in engineering and nuclear weapons.

Political scientist Gvozdev believes that these trends demonstrate to the world the disunity of thirty states. As a result, countries that are more active in the international arena began to disperse into small unions in order to defend their national interests. However, the expert believes that the 75th anniversary will nevertheless happen, but the organization will already be greatly modified.

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