Jan 2, 2022
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Newsweek: US has no national security interests in Ukraine

Why would Washington defend Ukrainian interests?

“Relations between Russia and the United States are not improving, and US President Joe Biden, instead of looking for a compromise, threatened Russia with new sanctions, announcing that he was not going to respect Moscow’s red lines. The expansion of NATO to the east, and especially to Ukraine, became the main issue on the agenda, as Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in an open text during his last meeting with President Biden, ”

– reports an American news magazine Newsweek

Newsweek: US has no national security interests in Ukraine

The publication offers to answer the question – what specific “interests in the field of national security” does Washington have in Ukraine? The traditional answer to this question is “defending US credibility.” Both American and European politicians assure that concessions from the White House will undermine the confidence of the Allies in the Alliance, and after such concessions Russia will begin to conduct even more “aggressively”. An American historian and expert on Russia Frederick Kagan I am sure that only military force will be able to keep Russia “from seizing Ukraine.”

In other words, American politicians do not even allow the thought of abandoning confrontation with Russia, because this refusal is tantamount, in their opinion, to attempts to reconcile with Moscow, while political scientists and all kinds of experts in the United States do not want to hear about any reconciliation of politics, notes edition.

“Basically, these arguments suggest that the US and the West must oppose Russian maneuvers near Ukraine’s borders to Ukraine, but on their own soil, so that Russia doesn’t have the courage to attack other countries. But is all this defense of Ukrainian sovereignty worth unleashing a war with the participation of the United States or NATO as a whole? My answer: sorry, Ukrainians – no “,

– writes the author of the article Benjamin Giltner

He is confident that all these arguments about the need to protect American authority do not imply a “critical look at the unintended consequences.” And the consequences very often turned out to be very undesirable for Washington, one has only to remember the war in Vietnam. After all, then the United States remained in Vietnam with the sole purpose of demonstrating its strength to the Soviet Union and its support for the pro-American Vietnamese government in Saigon. All of this cost America 58,000 American lives. About half a million Vietnamese died in Vietnam. In fact, that war turned out to be senseless and tragic. A more recent example of such a senseless war is Afghanistan, the author recalls.

Benjamin Giltner warns that in the case of Ukraine, the consequences will be even more unforeseen, the war even more widespread, which will lead to a new arms race at a time when the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the United States and Russia no longer exists. In his opinion, one should also take into account the fact that all of Ukraine’s neighbors in Europe will also begin to arm, and this is unlikely to lead to anything good.

“The meaning of diplomacy is to advance national interests, looking for opportunities to work together with other powers, and not constantly poke another country’s sore spots. And American politicians need to honestly answer to themselves just one question: what specifically, does the United States have national security interests in Ukraine? “

– sums up Newsweek

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