Dec 29, 2020
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New Year’s video for the song “Snowflakes” by Olga Buzova and David Manukyan gained more than 1.7 million views per day

12:29, 29.12.

Filip Kirkorov, Yana Rudkovskaya, Marina Fedunkiv and Sasha Plushenko starred in the video presented on YouTube.

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On December 18, Olga Buzova and David Manukyan presented their new track “Snowflakes”. Yesterday on YouTube, the premiere of the video shot for the New Year’s composition took place. In the comedy video, which Manukyan himself called a mini-film and a winter fairy tale, Philip Kirkorov, Yana Rudkovskaya with their son Sasha and Marina Fedunkiv starred with the performers of the song.

A day after the premiere, the clip “Snowflakes” has collected over 1.7 million views on YouTube. By the way, 70 thousand people watched the video in the first half hour after the publication. As Olga Buzova boasted in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram, Snowflakes gathered a million views in the first 10 hours.

At night Olga Buzova boasted of the first million views of “Snowflakes”

The New Year’s video tells a story-tale about a rich heir played by David Manukyan, who was given an ultimatum by his domineering mother, a businesswoman, Marina Fedunkiv. According to its terms, before the New Year, a major and a party-goer must find a decent bride for himself. Chance confronts him with a tanker girl from Yuzhny Butovo, who was embodied on the screen by Olga Buzova.

The “proletarian” family of the heroine Olga in the video was embodied by Kirkorov, Rudkovskaya and Plushenko Jr.

Yana Rudkovskaya and Philip Kirkorov played the family of a gas station worker who decided to make easy money – a grumpy housewife-mother and a drinking plumber father, and the brother of the main character – Sasha Plushenko. In the transformation of Olga’s heroine from Cinderella into a princess, they played some moments from the real life of Buzova and Manukyan. For example, the video ridiculed rumors about the lack of feelings between David and Olga, as well as the monetary relationship between them.

The clip “Snowflakes” collected over 1.7 million views per day

By the way, a couple of Manukyan and Buzova almost from the very beginning of their relationship a year and a half ago were suspected of a PR novel. Ex-participant of “House-2” Alena Rapunzel said at all that she was sure that there was a contract between the artists. However, the TV star did not deny that romantic feelings nevertheless arose between the musician and the singer. Olga herself recently denied speculation about their alleged cooperation, complaining that people around them simply do not believe in the sincerity of relations between people.

Olga Buzova as a gas station worker

By the way, a year ago Olga and Davil recorded their first joint song “Mandarinka”, dedicated to the New Year. Last week, the artists performed their new track “Snowflake” on the recording of the latest episode of the show “Borodina vs. Buzova”, which will be released on TNT. As you know, on December 18, the TV channel reported that in 2021 the famous and scandalous “Dom-2” will no longer go on the air on the usual “button”. This news extremely upset Olga Buzova, who gave the TV set 17 years of her life: first as a participant, and then as a TV presenter.

Shot from the filming of the video “Snowflakes”

For Manukyan, the outgoing year turned out to be fruitful. Just one collaboration with Philip Kirkorov, who, together with a young rapper, recorded the song “Rolex” and shot a luxurious video for it, which has collected millions of views. However, after an unexpected collaboration, the artists continued companionship. The day before yesterday, David arranged a surprise for his older friend by giving him a bag and jacket from a luxury brand. This gift moved Kirkorov almost to tears. As the king of pop lamented, many do not believe in their sincere friendship with Manukyan, but in vain. We add that tonight Olga Buzova and her lover flew to the Maldives to celebrate the main winter holiday in the tropics after a difficult 2020 year.

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