Jan 9, 2022
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New Year’s sabotage: Diesel has risen in price by 10% at once

New Year's sabotage: Diesel has risen in price by 10% at once

Photo: Artem Korotaev / TASS

The cost of diesel fuel at gas stations in the capital region, and not only, jumped by 10% in just five days, diesel fuel now costs 55-57 rubles per liter. The authorities are silent, the central media too – as if nothing is happening. Meanwhile, soon even those who do not have their own cars will feel it on their own wallets.

50.5-53.5 rubles per liter – such prices for diesel fuel were just before the New Year, no one predicted a sharp rise in price. However, while “dear, you panic, scattered” were throwing over glasses and eating salad “Olivier”, the price tags increased by an average of 5 rubles. That is, by 10% in just 4-5 days. About 700-800% per annum – this is the rate, if translated into the units so beloved by Rosstat.

“Prices will continue to rise, but also within the inflation, that is, as usual,” said the head of the think tank of the Independent Fuel Union. Grigory Bazhenov

What then happens? They don’t just blatantly lie to us about inflation of 8% per annum, but underestimate the figures a hundred times ?!

Moreover, at our expense – from the state budget – oil companies received over 1.25 trillion in 2021. rubles of various payments. Of these, about 650 billion rubles, as it were, “compensation” – for the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to the domestic market at prices lower than export prices. The so-called “damping mechanism”, which is not clear what is damping. Plus a certain “reverse excise tax on oil” and some kind of “investment premium” to it.

Not just filkin literacy, but one hundred percent sabotage. Mineral resources are pumped out of the depths of Russia, they go abroad, money is sent there. And for the citizens of this very country to buy fuel, and at huge prices, their own – citizens! – the money is still being transferred to the oilmen. Which, again, take them out over the hillock.

The height of cynicism is the participation of the state company “Rosneft” in this, as it were. Here everything is the same as for “private traders”: receiving “damping” payments, and withdrawing funds abroad, and one of the highest rates of price growth at gas stations.

By the way, Rosneft has been like a state company for almost two years now. At the beginning of 2020, the Russian state parted with a controlling stake in the company, selling 9.6% of the shares.

Last September, 2021, Rosneft de facto transferred Sakhalinmorneftegaz and Severnaya Neft into ownership of the Alliance Oil Company registered in Bermuda. Against the background of the “guarantor’s” statement about “de-offshore” and other “braced” literature, this is a rather interesting step. Although the essence is frightening: control over Russia’s strategic assets goes to foreign structures.

On Sakhalin in general, a uniform fuel chaos is going on. Diesel fuel costs 72 rubles per liter, at a number of gas stations – and even 78 rubles per liter!

One gets the impression that the edros, anticipating their imminent end, are trying to quickly and grab more, to withdraw money (and assets!) Abroad, and there – and the grass does not grow. I mean here, in Russia.

In this regard, it is worth recalling the events taking place today in neighboring Kazakhstan. Where is the power – the same anti-people comprador “elite”. After the prices for liquefied gas for automobiles were raised there to 120 tenge (20 Russian rubles) per liter, riots began. The authorities, how to put it mildly, got shit out of fear, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kazakhstan Eraly Tugzhanov immediately rushed to the place and promised that the price would be lowered to 50 tenge (approximately 8.45 rubles) per liter.

For reference: at the filling stations in the capital region of the Russian Federation, liquefied gas costs on average about 35-40 rubles per liter.

First, the Kazakh authorities tried to “influence” their people with the help of policemen and tear gas. But now officials are already babbling about the fact that those who came out to the protest will not be held accountable. On this occasion, the Kazakh authorities had to give guarantees. The East, of course, is a delicate matter, but nevertheless it is interesting – what did they promise to do in the heat of the moment to the local buyers, if they were so scared? ..

Apparently, a little more, and it will start already in Russia. After all, a 10% rise in fuel prices will instantly raise the transport component of all goods without exception, primarily food. And in this case, it will be not only the greed of the traders (although they will not miss their own here too …), their overhead costs will actually increase. After all, all trucks that deliver goods to retail outlets are diesel ones.

It is unlikely that the “experts” will manage to somehow “logically” explain this rise in the price of diesel fuel, although, no doubt, they will try. For example, the growth of excise taxes. Yes, for some reason they were raised again, in terms of the cost of a liter of gasoline by 38 kopecks, per liter of diesel fuel – by 30 kopecks. But such figures are unlikely to calm people down, rather, they will make people even more angry.

It is also worth remembering that Russians are, on the whole, a very literate people. And everyone knows that diesel fuel is just a by-product of the distillation of oil, it is formed during the production of gasoline. From a ton of oil, a little more gasoline is obtained than diesel fuel, but insignificantly. And, depending on the technology, this proportion may be reversed. Plus, you do not need to pour all kinds of anti-knock and other additives into diesel fuel.

“The cost of producing diesel fuel is much lower than that of gasoline. And it was cheaper before. But you are being sold a product that has certain consumer properties, ”explains the associate professor of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants and Chemotology of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas. THEM. Gubkina Leonid Bagdasarov

Heavy vehicles, tractors, combines and other equipment are fueled with diesel fuel. There is a steady demand, and consumers simply have nowhere to go. That is why the prices for it rise to the skies.

Meanwhile, the sowing season is not far off, and the explosive rise in prices for diesel fuel is pushing the country towards a food crisis in the most direct way. The peasants will calculate their finances and plow less areas, money for seeds and fertilizers will also be scarce. Accordingly, there will be a very meager harvest in the fall. As if not in connection with this the edros adopted a national standard on mass graves in Russia … Are they preparing for the fact that the population of Russia, or as they contemptuously call us, the “electorate,” will begin to starve to death on a mass scale?

The further development of events is difficult to predict, but nothing good is seen in the future. All of the above is gradually reaching the citizens of the Russian Federation, and, in the very near future, it is possible, in the language of officials, “aggravation of the social situation.” According to the Kazakh scenario.

At the time of this writing, according to GlobalPetrolPrices, the cost of a liter of diesel fuel in Iran was 75 kopecks, in Venezuela – 1 ruble 83 kopecks, in Saudi Arabia – 10 rubles 17 kopecks, in Syria – 10 rubles 53 kopecks, in Algeria – 15 rubles 32 kopecks.

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