Dec 30, 2020
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New Year’s magic and its rituals for love, prosperity and happiness

New Year's magic and its rituals for love, prosperity and happiness

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time when you can fearlessly make lusts, as well as carry out rituals visited to attract happiness, love and wealth.

Miracles happen, and if you believe in them, then it will be much easier to fulfill your cherished dream. Experts recommend starting the new year with new successes, drawing up your own lust map, and also without fail laying one or more rituals. The energy of the holidays helps to make cherished dreams come true and bring into life everything that makes it happy.

A simple ritual will help to attract happiness for the whole year and for all family members. During the preparation of the New Year’s treat, the food is spoken:

“I cook with love, I treat everyone, I don’t know greed. As if everything will disappear from the plates, so happiness will come to the house, and if anything remains, it will be given to guests. He comes back with a heartfelt heart, with the new year the happiness in the family is added. “

For those who are lonely and want to find a soul mate in the new year, it is worth creating an artless ceremony that will help attract mutual love into life. To do this, you need to pick up a pair of decorations for the Christmas tree. These can be figures of swans, a couple of hearts, or other figures that are associated with a bright feeling of love. It is not worth it for these rounder to take natural or fake flowers, the energy of which will negatively affect the search for happiness.

The figurines are hung on the upper branches near a friend with a friend, saying:

“The newest year brings me happiness. As if the clock struck midnight, so will love for me hasten. “

If the fateful meeting does not happen before the time when it is time to clean up the tree, the toys are moved to the bedroom so that they can continue to work and bring cloudless relationships into life.

An unsophisticated way to attract money into the house is to put it in secluded places when the chimes strike midnight. By tradition, the bill is placed under the carpet, but if there are no carpets, then the money can be put in shoes, which will not be useful until the next day. Coins hidden in Christmas tree decorations will also help attract financial well-being.

On New Year’s Eve, rituals are also held, which help to establish a financial position for all family members. To do this, put a coin under each plate, saying:

“There is lakomo and it is sweet to live, not to count money, not to see poverty.”

After a meal, everyone puts coins in their pockets to get a powerful money amulet.

On New Year’s Eve, the cherished desire remains the main one. They make it up during the chiming clock and do not tell anyone that the dream will certainly become a reality soon.

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