Dec 27, 2020
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New Year tree 2021: signs and customs

New Year tree 2021: signs and customs

The most important symbol of the New Year is the tree. The experts talked about what a ceremonial spruce should be for a successful meeting in 2021. The time has come to familiarize yourself with useful signs and important traditions.

Earlier we talked about what it is impossible to give the New Year of the Ox for a year and what you can wear on this holiday. The signs and customs described below will help to collect a complete picture and determine what to look for when decorating a Christmas tree.

The customs associated with the tree will be countless. Every year it is customary to decorate it in different ways, because the symbol of the year changes: last year it was the Rat, and this one there will be the Bull.

On the New Year tree in 2021, in accordance with oriental customs, you can hang figures of animal mascots, the energy and philosophy of which are similar to the energy of the Bull. These toys include horse, dragon, tiger and monkey.

Among other decorations, it is worth highlighting white toys… In accordance with oriental customs, in the year of the element of Metal it is dignified to decorate a Christmas tree in such a way. The white-boiled color five is combined with the energy of the elements, and with the Bull himself too. To make the tree more graceful and beautiful, you can add silver toys, “rain”, white garlands.

Also, oriental traditions say that for the year of the Ox, it is more important to put a Christmas tree in the sector of assistants or careers… Previously, experts have already talked about how to define such zones in your home.

2021 is the time of the Screaming Rooster according to the Slavic calendar. Many New Year’s omens came to our minds from our past, and not from Eastern philosophy.

According to observations, the year of the Wailing Rooster will be very suitable, if on New Year’s Eve a baby child screams and cries… To make the baby quieter more quickly, you can put him to sleep near with a Christmas tree or put a tiny Christmas tree next to him. Signs say that the spruce will absorb all the negativity and make the baby cloudless.

It is impossible to forget about the eastern New Year’s signs. You should not start the year with a general cleaning, and it is also impossible to wash on January 1… This will rob you of your fortune for the next twelve months. It is impossible to clean the tree like a universe for several daysotherwise you will incur disaster.

When meeting 2021, the Ox is harmless do not hang red toys on the Christmas tree and do not put on red clothes… This can negatively affect the mood on New Year’s Eve.

You should not kiss loved ones in the eyes and forehead before meeting 2021… It is revered that this is a very awful omen, because then jealousy and negativity will arise in your relationship. Also, oriental signs say that on New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Ox no words that you are not going to hold back

An important sign will be conflict that can be smartly resolved… This will mean that for the entire next year people will live in harmony with each other and will be able to come to their senses for mutual understanding in any situation.

Also, do not forget about the three dishes that will attract good luck in 2021. Actually, they should be put on the New Year’s table. Treat them to your guests and eat yourself to appease the main symbol of the year – the Bull.

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