Oct 9, 2021
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New World Order Experiment – America is being turned into a country of discrimination against whites

The breakdown of traditional foundations is going more and more energetically

For weeks, leading US media outlets have been packed with articles harshly criticizing student fraternities and sororities. A wave of demonstration actions swept across student campuses demanding to ban student unions at universities.

Student fraternities and women’s societies, collectively known as “Greek life” (Greek life – because of the Greek letters in the names), are known to everyone who has watched American films about students. True, Hollywood portrays university associations grotesquely, focusing on the entertainment component of their life – parties, initiation rituals, romantic adventures. Fraternities, however, are more serious. The academic performance of their members is significantly higher than that of ordinary peers, they receive higher education degrees on average 20% more often than other students, and in the future they have a much higher chance of reaching a high social level. Thus, among the graduates who belonged to the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity alone, there are 17 US presidents, 38 Supreme Court justices, 136 Nobel laureates. In general, 85% of the members of the Supreme Court, 63% of the presidents, 76% of the senators and 85% of the directors of the largest enterprises were members of the fraternities.

The student fraternities are older than the United States itself. Their creation began in the middle of the 18th century, and in its present form, the first of them (the very Phi Beta Kappa) was finally formed in 1775-1776.

Initially, such student associations were secret societies that rivaled the Freemasons. Members of the brotherhoods secretly rented houses in the forests (for participation in such societies at that time, one could be subject to expulsion from the university), in which they performed their rituals, discussed literature, music, politics, and threw parties.

In the first half of the 19th century, brotherhoods were legalized and their secret status was abandoned, and membership in them became prestigious. The fraternities were joined by students with high academic potential, who, after graduation, actively supported each other. As a result, student fraternities became the most important attribute of the social culture of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP – an ethnocultural group that served as the backbone of the formation of American society and is considered the main carrier of traditional values ​​in the United States).

Photo: Chronicle

Although already in the second half of the 19th century, some student societies began to practice in their ranks “mixing of the sexes” and the reception of representatives of racial minorities, most of them remained purely female or purely male and predominantly white. Against the background of the intensification of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, blacks began to found their own “Greek societies” and did not particularly strive for whites. In addition, homosexuality was always badly treated in fraternities (even when it began to be passed off as the norm in the United States).

Despite the presence of patrons in the American top and academic success, today the fraternities are under severe blow. Regional publications and giants like The New York Times and The Chronicle were suddenly flooded with criticism against them. And activists associated with the BLM and MeToo movements initiated mass protests on campuses demanding the complete liquidation of the fraternities.

The American media devote their materials to such topics as the death of a 19-year-old student from whiskey poisoning at a fraternity party at the University of Virginia, violation of antiquarian legislation by the “brothers”, sexual harassment of drunk girls, drug use during student parties. They completely ignore the fact that these problems are typical for the American student body in general, and not just for the members of the “fraternities.” And for some reason only organizations of white students were under fire. In the address of the “black” brotherhoods in the media continue to publish laudatory materials, and on campuses open public facilities intended exclusively for blacks.

The popular student newspaper The McGill Daily published an article in which it accused the student fraternities of all conceivable and inconceivable sins, while emphasizing “homophobia”.

The building of the brotherhood destroyed by the “activists”. Photo: NYT

“Greek organizations resisted the class (?! – Ed.) and racial diversity “, – approved in the article. “I believe that they (brotherhood. – Ed.) bad, because rich men do not need space, while women and non-men, of different gender, need space, ” – an activist interviewed by the publication broadcasts.

Anti-fraternal protests, initiated by all sorts of minorities, are now engulfing more and more university campuses in America.

Since 2020, the harassment of fraternities has continued at Northwestern University, Illinois. Their members on social media have been accused of racism, homophobia, sexism and harassment. And the other day, activists laid siege to the hostels of student societies and pelted them with eggs.

At the same time, protests unfolded at the University of Massachusetts. Activists are staging sit-ins there and circulating petitions demanding that the student community be banned.

Photo: NYT

Then the protests swept the University of Eastern Michigan, where the “brothers” were accused of ten rapes, allegedly committed by them from 2015 to 2020.

A similar situation is developing in many states: in Alabama, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska. When there are no facts of rape or drug use by members of fraternities, representatives of student societies are accused of popularizing the “cult of violence.” The main thing is to ban fraternities. And no one remembers the fact that the percentage of blacks committing rape in the United States is almost three times more likely than white men.

In America, an aggressive imposition of mores is unfolding, turning it into a country of dictatorship of minorities. And discrimination against the white majority is gradually becoming an element of the new world order.

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