Jul 13, 2020
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New wise statuses about life with meaning

Statuses about life with meaning will help to understand even the most difficult situations. Should look a little closer…

Let’s look at the meaning of life good!life is good

  1. People actually can survive any difficulty. If you understand what he is doing.
  2. If you were hurt once, you don’t joke. If you were injured many times, then again can joke…
  3. The older you get, the more I appreciate loyalty. In any respect.
  4. The most miserable man in life is the one that make the most of it complicated.
  5. Move, change and uluchshaetsya. And all the rest will come by itself.
  6. More important to you than your appearance, the more people are interested in your inner world.
  7. You even can’t imagine how little people think about your shortcomings.
  8. If you consider someone an idiot, when a dispute with him you’ll just waste energy.
  9. Do you have people you can thank for just what they are?
  10. Jealousy stimulates the relationship. But if you are patient, it is likely that it is not.
  11. Happiness is, above all, awareness. The realization that you just are, without any extra effort.
  12. It’s fine if you finally lost the shyness, and you talk about what you want.
  13. We don’t even realize how much in life is an important example. A simple example, not a ton of chatter.
  14. Cruel people are always more attractive. And weak next to them suffer from podcasti on this appeal.
  15. If you’re expensive, you apologize. And no matter who is guilty…
  16. Learn to accept gifts. Learn to give without asking for anything in return.
  17. The morning is designed for good people. Bad eyes may not come across.
  18. We often choose our partners hoping that they still will change.

The most stupid word that you can tell a desperate man — “don’t cry”a desperate man

You should always be something of their own: their occupation, their understanding, their own dream. And then you will understand wise sayings statuses in perfectly with the other side.

  1. You won’t believe how beautiful it is to live simply, without setting before him some transcendental goal.
  2. Goal is pleased to excite you and not on your nerves to the point of exhaustion.
  3. Hey, man, do you live? Or just going?
  4. Every second you can become kinder. And it is necessary for you. Do not listen to anyone.
  5. Fat people always eat when they can, and slim — when I want to.
  6. Living life is negligible. Maybe you want to…
  7. The more you relate to what is happening, the more in all see the flaws.
  8. If we don’t get to live in the moment, at least, look forward, not backward.
  9. We are so diligently taught to pity and to fear that we a priori can not live a normal life…
  10. If you’re too afraid of death to become more intelligent. And less afraid you will become and life will be easier.
  11. Life should be measured not in years, and lived pleasant moments!
  12. Too much of our time is spent waiting: queue, road, unnecessary relationship…
  13. Don’t be sad if you have no friends. Friends — this is the same skill like many others.
  14. Maybe life is too long to rejoice in ordinary things?
  15. As though it may sound cruel, but what do you see in this life, so it is.
  16. People will always be unfair to you. Always different, but they will.
  17. What were your memory, you remember everything moments that are important to you…
  18. The more in your life of unnecessary meetings, things, responsibilities, the less space remains for the new and good.

A great woman does not have to be beautifula wise woman

Statuses about wise women — for those who want to learn more about the secrets of the enchanted. And this time we will not go about the design of the manicure or new hairstyle…

  1. First, we seek true love, and then everything else. And just so the picture is truly complete.
  2. Don’t be afraid something is wrong to laugh or to seem stupid. This fear kills you femininity.
  3. A real man will commit to you these things will not expect from you something in return.
  4. If you decide to go, go. But don’t throw unnecessary promises and threats…
  5. They say a woman is difficult to understand. Difficult for those who it didn’t even try to do it.
  6. The wise woman is, above all, peace of mind. Because peace is the Foundation.
  7. A real woman — always with character. Differently it, alas, nobody will be interested.
  8. A woman can be in an ordinary apartment, but something strange can be in a fancy house.
  9. Happy you’ll be when you can truly love someone else who will. And all the others do not change.
  10. Female friends with girlfriends who develop it. But don’t forget those that just lit up her with kindness…
  11. Sad, but the most ardent fighters for equality — abused women.
  12. Next to a real woman always easy. Regardless of its status.
  13. No matter what your purse. Matter what your mood.
  14. If he is indifferent to you, do not seek the attention. Just time to look for another.
  15. Don’t need to know everything in this life. Just from different areas.
  16. If you’re afraid to hug a loved one, then he is not your.

Wise statuses about life is that usually you have to read between the lines… So do your best to learn from them the most valuable!

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