Feb 12, 2021
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New wall of china

New wall of china

China began to fence itself off from its neighbors.

And if before the mighty state was not afraid of anyone, spreading its influence to other countries, now Beijing has already built 659 kilometers of an impressive iron wall along the border with Myanmar. She separated Yunnan province from Shan state of Myanmar.

Even earlier, a 12-kilometer-long wall appeared on the border with Vietnam. Now new sections are being added to it. The authorities attribute this to the need to protect against coronavirus. In September, two infected people from Myanmar got to China, people cross the border illegally wherever possible. At the same time, the walls should stop the flow of illegal Chinese migrants to Myanmar and Vietnam in search of work. Vietnam is constantly expelling Chinese people crossing the border from the country.

Additional forces have been deployed to patrol the border with Myanmar. The new Great Wall of China looks quite impressive, it is made of metal beams and is crowned with barbed wire. Video cameras are installed every few meters. By the end of the year, the wall will stretch along the entire border with Myanmar for about 2,000 kilometers. Some areas will be connected to a high-voltage network, infrared sensors will be installed.

In the meantime, China intends to continue rapprochement with Western Europe, which happily meets it halfway. The other day, Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to follow the Biden administration’s call to choose between the United States and China. “I’m not going to help create blocs,” Merkel said at the virtual World Economic Forum in Davos. She reiterated her satisfaction with the investment agreement between Europe and China, concluded despite US pressure. Here we are talking about hundreds of billions of euros.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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