Jul 22, 2020
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New technologies in hotel

The hotel industry is one of the most attractive spheres of business, so it is easy to guess that investing there involved serious. Hoteliers do not cease to improve in its professionalism, trying not only to please customers with quality service, but also to use various new technologies.

Virtual reality is already a reality

Not so long ago Google has presented its new product — Google Glass. They easily connect to your smartphone, allowing the media to shoot video without hands. Development is seriously interested and the owners of several hotel chains, the idea of a device's virtual tours to hotels.

Google Glass

For example, the Director of the Spanish Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine sure that such a device will allow its guests to become better acquainted with the interior of the hotel. As it is, neither more nor less, situated in the historic Abbey, and is just Packed full of precious paintings, furniture and other valuable objects of art.

Internet — there is no limit to perfection

A real breakthrough in the hotel the service was wifi Li-Fi. According to the developers, it will be ten times faster than conventional Wi-Fi. The technology involves the transmission of a digital signal using the luminous flux passed through special LEDs.

Wifi Li-Fi

It is noteworthy that among the "pioneers" to implement this superstroke Internet listed American company Best Western, which at the time of the first sitestyle Wi-Fi in hotels of its network.

Long live the sport

A variety of spas, gyms and swimming pools is no surprise — almost every major hotel of this "good" enough. But to fully Orient under hotel guests leading a healthy lifestyle — this is something new. The first steps in the "ozdorovlenie" of its customers makes the company Mandarin Oriental, introduced in his so-called Silent Night (night of silence). Once a year all the resorts brand will be transformed into a kind of meditative space that helps guests to relax and to remove from the head of unwanted thoughts. It is also planned to organize sessions with the cognitive coaches, yoga masters and Reiki.

Electronic chips

What yesterday was seen in the hotel industry like science fiction, is now being implemented or already "on the way" to implementation. For example:

The SPG app

  • Use instead of a key card is a standard smartphone. But for this you need to install a special application SPG. Some Hilton and Starwood Hotels technology has been tested and received approval from the guests.
  • Booking the hotel via GPS-car Navigator — quickly and conveniently. Or, alternatively, a combination of electronic room key and garage.
  • Interactive digital panel, which allows to use the same surface from different angles. Reception Desk can be transformed into a virtual photo gallery of rooms and Wellness area, and an ordinary mirror to turn into a television screen.
  • Call the Concierge at SMS, as well as ordering food to your room using a mobile app. The list of dishes placed in the interactive menu, so to go down to the restaurant and explore the features of the kitchen not necessarily.

Call the Concierge at SMS

And what about the future?

Quite possible that even after a couple years of fantasies futurists will become a reality, and hospitality will surprise us with another novelty. In the queue are chips:

Robot butlers

  • Hotels under the orders. Room space is formed at the individual request of guests, ranging from the geometry of space and overall style design and ending with the lighting system and items of interior design.
  • Robotic butlers. To facilitate communication with guests is expected to equip them with the multilingual feature. Robotic concierges and "workers" reception will be programmed to perform a large variety of tasks: welcoming and registration of guests, providing information about hotel services, booking of restaurant tables, taxi, buying tickets, etc.
  • Automated transfers. And in simple words — transfer of guests from/to the airport in a car without a driver. Well absolutely top class — the creation of a supersonic transport, able to travel great distances in a matter of minutes.
  • Neuroprogramming dreams. The main goal is to enable guests to not just have a good time, but wish to enjoy the dreams. We can only guess, how diverse will the theme of "Hiking" to the Morpheus.
  • Rejuvenating SPA programs. We are not talking about simple massages, beauty treatments or even some hardware laser techniques. Connect to business genetic medicine.

Rejuvenating SPA programs

Which of the innovations will take root in practice, time will tell. But what is "life" in hotels will become smarter, more comfortable and more interesting — it is one hundred percent.

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