Jul 7, 2020
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New technologies in energy

The development of the energy sector is a key condition for the successful operation of the industry and comfort of the consumers. The introduction of new technologies in the energy sector due to serious deterioration of existing systems, the danger of morally and technically outdated communications for the environment and human health, low efficiency and the inability to effectively allocate and control the local load.

Analysts predict innovations in the next 20 years. By 2070 the world will be built safe the model, involving the use of renewable resources. Developments in this direction are actively conducted now.


New technologies in the energy sector often relate to the ways of production and transmission of energy. Japanese engineers offer a wireless technology for transmitting solar energy over long distances.

Wireless technology-solar energy

During testing the experimental sample of the Japanese plans were carried out. The wireless transmission range was 0.5 km In the future it can be increased by increasing plant capacity and number of solar radiation. For the experiment used a beam and a receiving unit with a capacity of 10 kW, made of LED lamps.


With renewable sources is 8 out of 10 new technologies in the power sector. Stations operating on biofuel, Europeans are promising, because they:

  • Produce the required amount of resource at minimum cost of labour and Finance.
  • Reliable in operation.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Allow to increase production volumes.


In the alternative segment is growing interest in renewable sources. The forecasts of market experts optimistic: after 20 years, more than 70% of the total energy will produce wind and solar power stations.

Leadership analysts predict China, India and the UK, and the United States is devoting 13% of the market.

Wind turbines with bilobectomy

The prototype wind turbine of new generation already exists – it was jointly developed by researchers from the Sorbonne and the graduate school of arts and crafts in Paris. The experiment was inspired by the wings of a dragonfly.

In the experimental generator inventors mounted on the flexible wind turbine blades. This contributed to the wind flow to the turbine at the desired angle and energy generation at any speed of flow.

Wind turbines

During the tests, the scientists noted that with the replacement of the rigid blades on a flexible analogs the production of energy increased by 35% at no additional cost.

Double-sided solar panels

Similar result was achieved scientists of profile scientific research institutes in Singapore and Germany. They have developed new technologies in the energy sector improve the efficiency of solar cells by almost a third due to the fact that generate heat from both sides.

Double-sided solar panels

Enthusiasts who developed the world's first double-sided module, presented it at the exhibition in Shanghai and has attracted the attention of Industrialists. The battery light absorbs two surfaces: the one that faces the sun, and lower.

As insulation and protection of the developers used a double glass – in their opinion, its presence will prolong the life of solar panels

Panels of moss

The moss and bacteria can be used as a source of low-cost manufacturing alternative energy. The idea belongs to the students of the Catalan Institute of advanced architecture – they managed to collect solar battery that runs on moss and bacteria.

Solar panels from moss

The design module provides a compact cell – they are designed for bacteria and are installed in the soil under the root system of plants. Plants and ground water nourish the bacteria.

The advantages of this design, the authors name the possibility of working solar panels in areas where permanent power sources are absent or access is difficult, and in regions where there is a shortage of sunlight. For this you need to use moss instead of other plants as it is hardy, thrive in the shade.

In the student "know-how" no heavy metals or toxic elements, which has a positive effect on the environment. There is a significant drawback – low power. Innovators hope that this will help them to solve the experienced biologists and engineers.


The serpent moves through the air with great speed and produces energy. With this aim in its design is equipped with 8 powerful turbines. Theoretical calculations using the serpent as a method for generating resource efficient construction and operation of wind turbines.

Kite, producing energy

The technology has other advantages:

  • mobility;
  • ease of use;
  • easy launch from any platform;
  • easy maintenance.

The test will show, will meet the technology expectations of developers in practice. After that we can talk about the prospects of mass production.


According to forecasts of the international Agency IRENA, the renewable good economic prospects. The Agency has published a report that forecast a reduction in the cost of kWh of alternative energy by 2020.

It will become cheaper than traditional resources and a transition to new sources will become financially profitable.

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