May 3, 2021
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New “snowstorm” Peskov: We will talk to you “like a boy”, guys

Photo: Governor of Komi Vladimir Uyba

In the photo: Governor of Komi Vladimir Uyba (Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

Insults, obscenities and threats are not an administrative offense and not a violation of official and professional ethics, but a completely acceptable style of communication between heads of regions and opposition deputies. At least, this conclusion suggests itself after the conflict between the governor of Komi Vladimir Uyboy and a deputy of the State Council of the republic from the Communist Party Oleg Mikhailov, and, most importantly, after the comment of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov on this occasion.

Recall that the conflict itself occurred on the eve of the May holidays. At a meeting of the local parliament, Mikhailov criticized not only the governor’s report, but also the 2020 elections, to which the deputy was not allowed.

The governor did not like this, who, during the break in the meeting, approached the deputy and began to sort things out with him “like a boy”. Mikhailov recorded the conversation and posted it on the network, after which he became public.

“Whom did you call a coward, horse?” – asks on the recording a man with a voice similar to the governor’s, and then invites the interlocutor to “go out if he’s a man”, threatens to “hide” him, and all in such expressions that the famous obscene monologue from the American film “Blood and Concrete” stands in sideways.

After the incident, the governor’s press service did not try to smooth over the incident or apologize. Instead, the head of the press service of the head of Komi Evgeny Rakin said that the conflict between Mikhailov and Uiba was provoked by the deputy himself, insulting the official during his annual report.

The comments of the Kremlin, more precisely, Dmitry Peskov, became almost more depressing in this situation. The presidential press secretary did not find anything outrageous and unacceptable in the incident. According to Peskov, we do not know what the deputy said before, so such “tough” rhetoric may be fully justified. And in general, the conversation was non-public, “like a man,” and the deputy was wrong in this situation, who secretly wrote it down and posted it.

“It was in the hallway. Well, the deputy shouldn’t just record a man’s conversation on a tape recorder. It was not a public conversation, it was a conversation between two men, one of whom recorded this conversation and posted it, ”said the presidential press secretary.

Of course, we are all human, but we emphasize once again that this “non-public conversation between two men” took place not between Petya and Vasya at barbecues, but between the governor of the region and the deputies of parliament in the building of this very parliament, during a break in the meeting. Apparently, it would have been more public only if Vladimir Uyba had said all the same from the rostrum.

The fact that the Kremlin and government agencies consider this style of communication acceptable, not only demonstrates not the best level of our government, but also directly contradicts the “Model Code of Ethics and Official Conduct of State and Municipal Employees”, which, oddly enough, we have and posted on the website of the Ministry of Labor.

According to this code, officials and civil servants, among other things, are obliged to: comply with the norms of official, professional ethics and rules of business conduct; show correctness and attentiveness in dealing with citizens and officials; avoid conflict situations that can damage his reputation or the authority of a government agency; refrain from being rude, dismissive, arrogant, prejudiced, inappropriate, undeserved accusations, threats, offensive language or remarks.

Violation of the code, by the way, is subject to moral condemnation at a meeting of the relevant commission, and in cases stipulated by federal laws, violation of the provisions entails the application of measures of legal responsibility.

but member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Natsievsky believes that the governor of Komi is unlikely to face negative consequences after this story, although he is convinced that communication in such a tone between politicians is unacceptable.

– Our government is guided by the principle “ours – everything, others – according to the law.” The governor in the elections was supported by “United Russia”, before that he had been appointed by the president to the post of interim. Therefore, now he can send all opposition deputies in three letters, and he will get nothing for it.

Remember at least the story with the deputy of the State Duma of the sixth convocation from the Communist Party Vladimir Bessonov, who in 2011 at a demonstration took the hand of the deputy chief of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate for the Rostov region, who was trying to turn off the sound equipment. He was charged with assault, removed his immunity and sentenced to three years in prison.

This suggests that the law does not work for us. If a trial starts, I’m sure it won’t end with anything. Law enforcement agencies will give a formal reply, the prosecutor’s office will not find anything, and this whole story will be forgotten, because the law works selectively.

“SP”: – Are such “men’s conversations”, as Dmitry Peskov put it, generally acceptable between statesmen? Or is it a common practice in our vertical of power to resolve issues in this way?

– In fact, such words can be perceived as a threat to the individual. Just swap the positions of the characters and imagine that the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation “spoke like a man” with the governor. What would have happened then? There would be a cry to the skies that they are threatening the governor, they would immediately initiate a criminal case, and so on. But it doesn’t work the other way around.

I am deeply convinced that there are legal ways of communication between government officials, there is a certain ethics. What kind of “male conversations” can there be? Perhaps they are being conducted in some other places, on the street.

But the heroes of this story were not on the street. We are talking about a conversation between a statesman, a governor, and a representative of the region’s legislature. Everything should be regulated strictly within the framework of generally accepted norms of communication, regardless of whether it is public or not.

Doctor of Political Science, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Obukhov believes this incident has exposed serious problems for the Russian governor corps.

– There was once Watergate in the USA, and I would call this scandal Uybagate. In all its ugliness, it shows what the appointing governors who are elected bypassing legitimate and competitive procedures are worth. Let me remind you that the team of citizen Uyba did everything to prevent the election of competitors, first of all, Oleg Mikhailov, one of the most popular politicians in Komi.

The current conflict arose when the Communist Party recalled the decision Gennady Zyuganov and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation that the governor of Uyba is illegitimate, since he was elected outside the competitive procedures of free and democratic elections. Moreover, he was then positioned as “the good doctor Uibu.” I have a question: “Doctor, where did they teach you such sub-sampling vocabulary? Really, in the federal authorities? “

“SP”: – Dmitry Peskov did not condemn the behavior of the governor, as it was a “man’s conversation.” Can you agree with this?

– Remember that Vladimir Putin once said that Peskov often “carries a blizzard.” My attitude to this statement is exactly that. What can be a man’s conversation between the highest official of the republic, who has all the repressive mechanisms in his hands, and an opposition deputy? They have different weight categories. It’s as if a gang of courtyard hooligans pestered an excellent student in the alleyway and called for a “man’s conversation.”

The deputy criticized, recalled the affairs of the local authorities. Is this an acceptable reaction to criticism? Moreover, in a public place, in the parliament building.

If today the authorities want to wind up this incident through the mouth of Peskov, I think we will not let this be done. Vladimir Uyba should be punished for such things, after all that has happened, he should not remain governor at all.

“SP”: – How widespread is this style of communication in our vertical of power? Or is it still an exception?

– Vladimir Putin, during his recent message, said that the governors draw pictures instead of how the project should be developed. This is a vivid characteristic of the generation of “technocrats” that Vladimir Vladimirovich himself produced. They do not know how to work, they are not able to build a dialogue with the opposition, they cannot win competitive elections. They only know how to draw pictures and use a hairdryer. And when such people come to power, they immediately show their true colors.

The election procedure does not exist by chance. Either the president should appoint governors, and then admit that these are his people, or the right to hold normal elections should be given. What we see today is the cost of not having a competitive gubernatorial election.

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