Oct 16, 2020
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New rules. Antique check-in of entertainment establishments

In order not to close the nightclubs of the capital, the professional community of the entertainment industry proposed to the Moscow government a new system for registering its visitors by telephone numbers, in order to thereby reduce the rate of spread of infection among guests of clubs and discos.

From a security point of view

To protect their citizens from the new type of coronavirus, Paris, Madrid and some US states have closed all of their night-time entertainment venues. As a result, some lost their business, others lost their jobs, and still others were left without their favorite places of recreation and leisure, in which you can, albeit temporarily, but relax and forget about the pandemic. By the decision of local authorities, the nightlife of clubs and bars has stopped in some Russian regions. Moscow expected this fate, but representatives of different spheres of entertainment gathered with the authorities and decided to conduct an interesting experiment.

“From October 19, 2020, access for employees and visitors to entertainment establishments, the operating hours of which include night time from 00:00 to 06:00, will be possible only if phone numbers are registered. Entering the establishment, visitors will have to scan a QR code or send an SMS to a special short number 7377. Of course, registration of phone numbers in itself will not prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, in the event that an infection is subsequently detected in one of the visitors, it will be possible to notify all those present that they are at risk and must be promptly tested for COVID-19. Thus, we will be able to identify and interrupt new chains of the spread of coronavirus, ”wrote in his personal blog Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin...

According to the first deputy head Office of the Mayor and Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexei NemeryukBefore deciding on an experiment, the experience of countries in whose entertainment industry the check-in system has been working for a long time was analyzed. These are China, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Austria and many others.

The new check-in system will start working in 500 metropolitan clubs and disco bars from the next Monday. There is nothing complicated about it. The owner of the establishment registers on the portal, receives a unique QR code, and then the system records that this or that visitor was at a certain time in this establishment. A nightclub or bar exchanges data with the Department of Health, which notifies through the personal account the institution where the person with the coronavirus was. Information comes to secure servers, and it is impossible to hack them.

“I emphasize that there is no personal information, neither name nor passport data is collected, but only a phone number. So far, this innovation is planned to be introduced only for those establishments, the operating mode of which includes night time. And these are exclusively entertainment establishments, that is, not cafes, not restaurants. These are only nightclubs, bars and discos. Because you are in them without a mask if you drink drinks. You approach other customers, bend over to chat, so the likelihood of infection is much higher than in a restaurant. There are people who are asymptomatic with COVID-19 and may not know that they are sick, but at the same time infect others. The phone number of a person who has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection in a hospital or clinic is checked against the database of nightlife venues that send notifications to other visitors, ”said the head of the Department of Trade and Services.

An outlet must remain

The new order will be confirmed by the corresponding decree of the mayor of Moscow. In addition, there will be penalties for organizations that do not comply with these rules. The maximum amount of the fine will be from 300 to 500 thousand rubles.

Before reaching the Moscow government with a proposal for a check-in system, the entertainment community held a social media discussion of the idea.

“This is a very useful initiative, because we all remember where society was when there was a lockdown. Lockdown is a way to reduce the burden on the health care system, but at the same time a very serious blow to the psychological health of society. Our initiative, among other things, is aimed at not sowing panic, leaving an outlet for people, some kind of hope for leisure and freedom. This is a very humane idea aimed at the safety of citizens, and a phone number is not biometric data. We discussed this initiative with colleagues, and most support it, because the alternative to this is closure. It is also an opportunity for those who have already had coronavirus and have antibodies or have been vaccinated to visit their favorite concerts and bars, and at the same time, this innovation will raise the consciousness of others, " director of the concert agency "16 tons" Pavel Kamakin...

The results of the Moscow experiment are expected not only in Moscow. If it succeeds, regional establishments will have a chance to resume their work.

“Of course, we all understand that attendance will decrease. If a person has received such a “SMS of happiness” once, the second time, then the desire to go to the club again will hardly appear. He will think a hundred times whether he should go to the concert, because his grandmother has an anniversary tomorrow, and whether it is worth risking her health so much. We understand that the number of visitors will decrease, but this idea gives us all the opportunity to save the business and go to zero, providing work for our employees, and not close our enterprise. And if the number of visitors decreases, then there will be less SMS, which is what we want to achieve, which means that the number of infected people will also decrease, ”I am sure Dmitry Levitsky, president of the Trade Union Restaurant Alliance, co-founder of the Profsoyuz bar association...

Night cinemas do not yet fall into the category of establishments in which the check-in system is introduced, where, according to the seating rules, people are at an acceptable distance from each other. By the way, owners of push-button telephones visiting nightclubs and bars will also have to check in. To do this, they will need to send an SMS with a code to the specified four-digit number.

After a while, the effectiveness of the new system will be analyzed, and if it positively recommends itself, then it can be implemented in other catering, culture and leisure establishments.

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