Jan 12, 2021
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New Moon January 13, 2021: Do’s and Don’ts

New Moon January 13, 2021: Do's and Don'ts

The new moon is one of the most important days of the month. These are the times of renewal of the energy of the night sparkled. Astrologers talked about what awaits us during the January New Moon on January 13.

This one New Moon will be held under the auspices of Capricorn. This means that January 13 will be one of the best working days in the first half of the month. The first thing astrologers want to draw our attention to is caution in dealing with unpleasant personalities. Try to be mindful of the signs of toxic people and the best way to counter them.

Do general cleaning… Capricorn is a representative of the elements of the Earth. Being in this Sign, the newly minted Month will help to clean up, give countless strength and enthusiasm. Try to invest time in home affairs on the 13th.

Complete the majestic deval… The month will help in this, no matter how difficult these devalas are. Astrologers advise to grasp at anything that requires immediate completion.

Introspection… This is a great day for those looking to delve into themselves. One has only to remember that streams of thoughts should not distract you from your current work.

Create the newest image… This is a great day to shop for new clothes, create new hairstyles and refresh your style. Astrologers believe that this will be very suitable for the love sphere and luck in finding the other half. Special magic stones will help you become even more attractive.

Provide psychological support to family… It is very dignified to be healthy for those who are dear to you. They need to feel your love and attention. Be sure to say words of support to them in order to receive them in response now or later.

On a new moon in Capricorn is not worth it to perceive everything that happens close to the heart. On this day, inexplicable things can happen. They are worth honoring, but they should not be overlooked. It is more important to save time and energy.

Waste time and money on useless things… On such days, astrologers strongly advise you to do everything that is necessary. You should not waste time on secondary devalas if you need to have time to do something grander. It is also harmless to keep pennies with you. If you suddenly have to seriously spend money, use amulets for good shopping.

To deviate from the accepted daily routine… Simply chatting is not worth the risk. It is more important to follow plans, do great deeds and not postpone what must be done now. Laziness and procrastination will be dangerous.

Try not to lose anything this day – what is now lost will never return. This touches not only some dear things or money, but also love, friendship. Quarrels and conflicts can put an end to relationships, make friends as enemies.

Astrologers and experts advise do not anger fate… Even if something goes wrong, you shouldn’t blame everything on the Universe. It is worth avoiding such phrases as “damn it”, “I’m always unlucky,” “life is not fair,” and so on.

This day is also good for planning. That is why our articles on the most dangerous and auspicious days of January will be extremely healthy. May luck be with you for a century.

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