Sep 17, 2020
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New Moon in Virgo: three rites to be held on September 17, 2020

New Moon in Virgo: three rites to be held on September 17, 2020

The new moon is always a special day: the transition to the next stage, the beginning of a new segment of life. Do not miss the opportunity to radically change your destiny. On September 17, the Moon will help you find balance in life.

The Virgo New Moon brings order, stability and peace to life. It opens up promising opportunities for us - raising money, increasing energy and gaining success at work - literally guaranteeing all endeavors good luck and prosperity. The new lunar month will generously endow all the traits associated with the Sign of Virgo, so astrologers advise spending time on three rituals that will help put things in order in life and tie good luck to yourself for the next 30 days.

1. Rite of passage for welfare and career success. Moon Virgo has a special attitude to work. This opens up many doors and opportunities for us in the professional field. Traits such as responsibility, ingenuity, rationalism, patience, hard work, a sense of benefit will become the main driving force of the next lunar month. A simple ceremony on September 17 will help to gain this power.

Take 3 candles: a white one for clearing debt, a green one for attracting monetary well-being, and a blue one for success and good luck. Place the candles on the table in the shape of a triangle: put white in front of you, blue on the right, and green on the left. Light candles from one match and think about the desired wealth. When plans and goals for the near future have been formed, write them down on paper in more detail. Put the list in front of you and read: “As the gold-silver flame cleared, so the Moon cast her youthful glance. As the Moon grows and widens, so the money will flow to me! Truly! " Take a last look at your goals, blow out the candles, wrap them up on your list, and put them away.

2. Rite of passage to get rid of debts and problems. Virgo is famous for her rationalism and strong intuition. You can use this to your advantage. On September 17, in the morning or after work, do a light wet cleaning - this will help get rid of negative programs, thoughts and forecasts. It is also important to give up negative thoughts in relation to others. On the New Moon, we become one with those around us on an energetic level, so if you get angry with your boss - you wish yourself trouble, if you envy a successful person - give up money, treat the poor with contempt - take away his problems. It works the other way too. Source positive. Direct your emotions to help others, to approve of their actions, and then the energy will flow in the right direction, and the usual cleaning of the house will turn into a ceremony for monetary well-being.

3. Rite of passage from negativity and doubt. Virgo is not familiar with hesitation. This is a Sign of rationalism and order in everything, including in thoughts. On New Moon, any negative attitude can take a huge amount of strength. Confidence in yourself and your decisions is a happiness that needs to be protected from empty doubts and worries. For clarity, you can write down all your destructive doubts on paper, read them and throw them in the trash can. The editorial staff of the website advises on September 17 to read affirmations, practice exercises to increase self-confidence and learn self-control. Then all further undertakings under the new Moon will begin to develop successfully.

These three rites will help you become a successful and happy person. You can try other New Moon rituals, but don't forget to tune in to positive thoughts and improve your skills.

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