Apr 8, 2021
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New Moon in April: Do’s and Don’ts

New Moon in April: Do's and Don'ts

The April New Moon will be pretty positive. Astrologers told in which Sign the New Moon will take place and which devala will be the most suitable on this majestic day.

The new moon will occur on April 12th. For the alphabet, you need to understand what the energy of the moon will be on this day. She will find herself in the Sign of Aries. This is not the most important combination, because the element of Heat is not calm. However, this will be the third day of stay in this Sign, so the power of Heat will be utilitarian exhausted. The only thing you need is to worry about attracting the right thoughts, because they can make good luck your uninterrupted guest.

You can be curious and gain knowledge… On this day, the memory of many people will let up. This will allow much more airy perception of new information. Also, because of this, it will be much easier to adapt to a new job, to new circumstances.

Will become prosperous travel, and not only to other cities and countries, but also within the city. This is a great day for everyone who will drive continuously.

You can make planned purchases… If you wanted to go shopping this Monday and are in a peremptory mood, then you should not cancel such devalas. The main thing is to know how much you can spend.

You can play sports, visit the pool, be physically active… It can be tricky to do this on New Moon, but not on this one. Aries will do their thing.

You can start the newly made deval… The power of the element of Heat will be on our Palestine. All active and ambitious people will be able to give the right impetus to a new business. The main thing is not to worry about trifles and not to doubt yourself.

Make a transformation of your appearance… On April 12, it will be possible to make a new hairstyle, slightly update the hanger. This will very suitably affect your energy, help you achieve certain success in the field of love, in business and in business communication in general.

Also on this day you can do house cleaning… If there is no lust, it is more important not to torment yourself and your loved ones. If lust and time arise, you can check the routine. This will give you strength for the entire month ahead.

Losing self-confidence and optimism… The luck of most people will be built on this. Optimists will be one step ahead of everyone else. Try to reach out to those who are kind, clear and full of confidence that everything will be good.

Events can change rapidly, so on this day no risk… Follow the plans and stay on the standard schedule.

Try do not spread ringing and rumors… If you hear something that can sink someone else’s reputation, in no case tell other people about it. Facts can be distorted.

Astrologers and experts remind you that you can make lust on New Moon. Earlier we talked about how to do this so that they are guaranteed to come true.

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