Oct 19, 2021
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New EU sanctions against Minsk explained in Belarus – Izvestia

The head of the international committee of the House of Representatives of Belarus, Andrei Savinykh, said that Minsk considers the EU sanctions an illegal instrument of external pressure, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

“We view sanctions as measures of economic coercion that have no legal status and are inherently completely illegal. It is an instrument of pressure from a larger player on a recalcitrant country that is pursuing an independent foreign policy. And there can be no other content here, ”he said.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministers of the European Union discussed the fifth package of sanctions against Belarus, which will affect airlines transporting illegal migrants from the Middle East to Europe.

Earlier, the lower house of the Belarusian parliament in the first reading adopted a bill on the suspension of the readmission agreement with the European Union. The decision in the republic was explained by the impossibility of fulfilling its obligations under this document against the background of the sanctions and restrictions imposed by the EU countries.

At the end of September, it was reported that the European Commission intends to toughen the entrance for Belarusian officials in response to the migration crisis and the suspension of the readmission agreement.

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