Jan 12, 2021
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New duties on part of EU goods come into force in the US

In the United States, duties on additional types of products imported from the European Union will come into force today, TASS reports.

A 15% duty will be imposed on aircraft parts manufactured in France and Germany. Experts believe that the introduction of tariffs for spare parts will negatively affect the competitiveness of Airbus.

Additional duties of 25% are also imposed on some wines and cognacs from France and Germany.

The introduction by the US authorities of additional duties for European manufacturers of aircraft parts is a continuation of a long-standing dispute between the US and the EU over subsidies for aircraft manufacturers.

The trade conflict between Washington and Brussels over Boeing and Airbus has been going on since 2004. Both sides accuse each other of violating WTO rules and providing unauthorized government subsidies to their aircraft builders.

Thus, the EU introduced import duties against the United States in the Boeing case on November 10. The possible amount of US exports that could be subject to duties was not named, but the WTO allowed the community to impose duties of $ 4 billion.

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