Aug 29, 2021
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New attack on Russian in Kazakhstan hidden behind popular toy

A Kazakh social advertisement appeared on the Internet against the promotion of homosexuality among children. But everything turned out to be not so simple. A new attack on the Russian language was hidden behind the popular toy.

A video with social advertising of traditional values ​​in the Kazakh language has appeared on the Web. However, a new attack on the Russian language was hidden behind the screen of the correct message.

The video shows two choices. In the first case, the parent takes the popular rainbow pop-it toy from his son and gives him the Koran. This leads to the fact that the son grows up normal and finds himself a wife. In the second case, the father does the opposite, and as a result, the grown son finds himself a “husband”.

At first glance, the message of PSA seems obvious. However, there are two very important points. Firstly, during the first choice, the father speaks to his son in Kazakh, and during the second, in Russian. Thus, a parallel is drawn between the Russian language and homosexuality.

Secondly, same-sex relations in Kazakhstan have been legalized since 1997, and the Koran is worshiped by up to 70% of the republic’s residents; it clearly does not need advertising. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself.

The sole purpose of this video is to incite hatred of Russian culture and the Russian language,

– indicates the Tsargrad Society in Telegram.

Let us remind you that recently a whole series of attacks on Russian and Russian-speaking residents of the republic has taken place in Kazakhstan. One of the most egregious cases was the videos of the so-called “language patrols”. Their participants deliberately provoke Russian-speaking people, and then force them to apologize in front of the camera. After that, the videos are published on the Web.

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