Aug 30, 2021
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"Never at all": Unpleasant revelations of a Crimean about Ukraine surprised a journalist from Kiev

The unpleasant revelations of the Crimean about Ukraine and its role in the life of the peninsula surprised a journalist from Kiev. “We have never considered ourselves a part of Ukraine. Never at all,” said a taxi driver from Sevastopol.

So he told the Ukrainian journalist Pavel Kukharkin, who decided to visit Crimea to learn about life in the Russian region for himself.

To be honest, we have never considered ourselves a part of Ukraine. Never at all. This is some kind of administrative misunderstanding, fortunately corrected in time,

– said the man.

The interlocutor of Kukharkin also added that the majority of Sevastopol residents think the same way. The only exceptions are Ukrainians who live in Kiev and simply have an apartment in Sevastopol, the Narodnye Novosti portal writes.

Recall that Crimea was reunited with Russia after a popular referendum in 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that the refusal of Ukraine and Western countries to recognize the decision of the Crimeans is a violation of the people’s right to self-determination.

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