Aug 9, 2022
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NetEase: Russian “doomsday weapon” causes fear and envy in the US

NetEase: Russian

Russian “doomsday weapons” are the envy of the US military. We are talking about an unmanned underwater vehicle “Poseidon”, equipped with a nuclear power plant. This conclusion was made by the experts of the Chinese edition of NetEase.

Analysts recalled that not so long ago, US officials warned about the dangerous capabilities of Poseidon. So, in particular, they noted that this torpedo is quite capable of causing a “radioactive” nuclear tsunami, flooding cities along the coast of the New World in one fell swoop.

“The reason why US officials issued such a warning is mainly due to two points: firstly, Russia’s policy in the field of nuclear countermeasures, and secondly, the powerful combat power of the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle,” the authors of the article argue.

NetEase: Russian

According to the newspaper’s observers, Moscow’s position on the nuclear counteroffensive is extremely clear: the Russian authorities have repeatedly noted that the country can use nuclear weapons only in the event of a real threat to its existence.

As for Poseidon, in this case, the fears of American officials are fully justified, experts say. After all, this underwater vehicle can be equipped with a tactical nuclear warhead with a capacity of up to 100 Mt. In turn, the Belgorod submarine is capable of carrying from 2 to 6 Poseidon nuclear torpedoes.

“The claims of Poseidon launching a nuclear tsunami are not limited to US officials. Russian experts have held similar views before, pointing out that in the face of the power of an underwater vehicle, the US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier will be pale and weak, ”the publication says.

NetEase: Russian

However, analysts believe that the biggest threat to the world community is the United States itself, which continues to talk ridiculously about how powerful their own weapons are. Using Russia as an excuse to increase its military power, Washington is getting more and more aggressive every time.

“It is US Air Force strategic bombers that continue to fly towards the Russian border and even directly use a simulated nuclear bombing of the Russian mainland as a daily operation. <…> So who is the biggest threat to global security?” asked a question at NetEase.

It was the United States that used nuclear weapons, set up biological laboratories around the world and recently launched the deployment of new bombers to contain Russia, Chinese journalists stated. Therefore, a nuclear counterattack in the event of a potential conflict is the highest degree of protection that Moscow can achieve.

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