Oct 26, 2021
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Nelly Uvarova spoke about the loss of a child


41-year-old actress Nelly Uvarova said that she was disappointed in her husband Alexander Grishina.

The star of the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful” married twice: to the director Sergei Pikalov and her colleague Alexander Grishin. In the second marriage, two children of Nelly were born: daughter Iya and son Ignatius. The first pregnancy was very important for the actress. She was very worried about her condition and pestered the doctors with fears.

From the first day I felt like a crystal vase and the most valuable person in the world. And first of all, I must take care of myself. It seemed to me that I should precede each step where I step, but they tell me: relax“, – noted Uvarova.

The artist became pregnant for the second time, but suffered a miscarriage. For the first time she spoke about the tragedy she had experienced. After the loss, Nellie decided to give birth to another child. The psychological state of the star mother left much to be desired.

My next pregnancy was full of adventures. Everything that can befall me. And how did I get through all this? I pretended as much as possible that I was not pregnant – until the last day. I forgot that I was pregnant, my brain refused to believe it. I was so scared because between the first and second child I had a loss. I was so afraid! Child? Lord thanks! The pregnancies were so different. My husband supported me, but these are my fears. I could look at my stomach for hours, and in order not to go crazy, I had to pretend that “this is not with me“”, – shared Nelly.

Nelly Uvarova
Nelly Uvarova

Uvarova does not know a universal method that would help all women who find themselves in a similar situation. However, she believes that one must always move forward and not break under the blows of fate.

No bets will work, you just need to look for a foothold. But for everyone it is in the most unexpected places: at work, in a loved one, in yourself … Sometimes it is useful to stop and listen to yourself, the world … Everything changes, you see everything in different colors … I wear dark – this is bye my will“, – explained the TV star.

Nelly is the author of the idea and producer of the play “Boarding” based on the text by Elena Kostyuchenko. The woman lived for two weeks in a psychoneurological boarding school and described the lives of patients and medical staff. Uvarova believes that it will be useful for many girls at a crossroads to see and analyze the production. “When I hear the word “abortion”, I focus on what it is. I understand that this will not happen in my life. Never!“- emphasized the actress.

She became disillusioned with the father of her children. In past interviews, Uvarova admired the harmony that reigned in the union. However, now Nelly sees a marriage without a flair of love.

Time goes by, you don’t see much at first, then you start to see! You close your eyes to something, you stop closing your eyes to something … In our profession it is difficult to preserve yourself, to be independent of the opinion of a person whom you have trusted for years. And it is he who says to you: “You are something …” And you fall, collapse, and then you understand that the opinion of this person does not mean anything, because he has not been an authority for you for a long time, because he has long been himself lying to himself! Why should he be frank with you? Difficult, difficult“, – said Uvarova in the Youtube show” Tell Gordeeva “.

Host Katerina Gordeeva asked the guest a direct question if she was in love. Nellie answered evasively. “I am now in a calm, in silence. I observe, comprehend, and then we’ll see“, – summed up the actress.

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