Mar 31, 2021
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Nelly Ermolaeva complained that after participating in “Dom-2” she started having career problems

18:52, 31.03.2021

The TV star has released the book “Love is not script” about her life.

Nelly Ermolaeva gained wide popularity after participating in the reality “Dom-2” and a wedding inside the Perimeter. After leaving the project, she began to develop her microblog on Instagram, which is now read by two million people. In addition, Nelly hosts the YouTube culinary show “Ermolaeva in MukE”.

However, in her book “Love is not according to the script” Ermolaeva said that her career after “House-2” did not always go well. Nelly even noted that many doors had closed in front of her. “It is popularly believed that a participant in a famous TV show is a stigma that it is better not to get involved with this person. At first it was very frustrating, but thanks to perseverance and endless desire, I managed to break through the thick walls of incomprehension. I really hope that in the near future the world will stop thinking in cliches and learn to look a little deeper, ”the project participant shared in her book.

Nelly Ermolaeva with her son and her new book

According to Ermolaeva, her book is a story about Cinderella, who achieved everything by herself, without “daddies” and easy money. “To some, everything that is written here may seem inappropriate and funny, perhaps unworthy of attention. But I am sure that many girls will recognize themselves in my stories, adopt my experience, transfer it into their lives and change it for the better. And most importantly, they will not repeat my mistakes. In the meantime, I want to ask readers one question: are you definitely ready for transformation and change in your life? If the answer is yes, then I am glad to welcome you to the pages of my book. Welcome to my world, he was waiting for the moment when you will enter it! ” – declares Nelly.

Earlier, Ermolaeva admitted that for several years she had dreamed of writing and publishing a book, but there was no opportunity. In 2020, a representative of a respectable publishing house and offered to write an autobiographical novel, and the TV presenter happily agreed. Nelly emphasized that she is not a professional writer, but nevertheless has a lot of life experience and the ability to convey her story to the reader. She is confident that she can help many people.

YouTube show by Nelly Ermolaeva “Ermolaeva in torment”

It is worth noting that Nelly was one of the brightest participants of the entire reality show. She met with Vlad Kadoni, who after a while became the host of the project. Now Ermolaeva is raising a three-year-old son Miron… In December last year, the ex-participant of the TV show divorced his father – Kirill Andreev… Nelly married Kirill in 2016. In 2017, it became known that the couple were expecting their first child. The boy was born in one of the prestigious clinics in Miami.

“The most correct thing we did then was parting. It alone preserved our relationship. Our family was turned off like an artificial respiration apparatus – now everyone breathes himself. Do you think a year is a sufficient period for rehabilitation? Thank you for not becoming enemies. Thank you for being with us this whole year. Now I understand that in this status of the parted we returned to the former Nelka and Kirill. And they took their finger off the pulse, “Nelly wrote in her new book about relationships with an ex-spouse.

Nelly Ermolaeva with her son

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