Apr 25, 2022
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Neighbors Installing Fences Too Low Makes Homeowner Feel She’s Being Spied On

too low neighbor fenceWith the onset of the warm season, people who are lucky enough to have their own garden prefer to spend more time outdoors.

too low neighbor fence

But the heroine of this story no longer feels comfortable in the garden. It began with the fact that the woman’s neighbors were doing some work on their plot and temporarily demolished the fence between the gardens. Now people living in the neighborhood have installed a new fence. If earlier it was 1.80 meters in height, now it has become lower – 1.20 meters. From now on, our heroine always thinks that she is being spied on, and her personal life is in full view. Peace talks with neighbors came to nothing. They want a low fence, period.

too low neighbor fence

The lady shared her suffering on social networks, but most users did not understand what the problem was. Neighbors on their territory have the right to install any fence. This means that the homeowner just needs to install her own fence on her site, make it taller and enjoy privacy.

Having stolen gasoline, the attacker tried to set fire to the neighbors along with their house


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