Nov 7, 2022
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Neighbors demanded to remove artificial plants from the porch

artificial plants on the porchThis landlady couldn’t believe her own eyes when she received an unsigned letter, supposedly from a group of neighbors who were extremely concerned about the well-being of the area.

artificial plants on the porch

The lady was charged with a serious “crime”. It turned out that some of the plants displayed on her porch are artificial. And this despite the fact that the rest of the inhabitants of the street do not stoop to such fraud and decorate their houses with real flowers and bushes. A neighbor and her artificial plants can cause irreparable harm to everyone. If one of the residents decides to sell their house, then potential buyers will simply scatter when they see a fake disgrace on the porch of our heroine. So at least 14 neighbors (including a government environmental official) conferred and decided to give the lady 2 days to get the offending flowers out of sight. Otherwise, the police will be called, or the neighbors will take matters into their own hands and throw away the fake plants themselves.

artificial plants on the porch

Social media users with whom the disgruntled landlady shared her emotions are only surprised at the impudence that some people are capable of. The woman is advised not to do anything with the flowers and wait until the neighbors try to call the police. It is unlikely that representatives of the authorities will react to a message about such a crime. But if the plants are arbitrarily thrown out (that is, essentially stolen), then our heroine herself will be able to turn to the authorities, and then passive-aggressive neighbors will not be in trouble.

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