Jun 14, 2022
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Neighbors demand from the landlord that he let their son mow the lawn and earn money

neighbor's son mows the lawnSome homeowners mow their own lawn, while others prefer to hire someone to do the job.

neighbor's son mows the lawn

As for this resident of the United States, he belongs to the first category of people. The man said that his site is small, so it is not a problem for him to take a lawn mower and get rid of overgrown grass. Recently, our hero was approached by a neighbor’s son who offered regular lawn mowing services for $15 a week. The landlord refused. Later, the boy’s mother also turned to the man, starting to advertise her son as an excellent assistant. Our hero was again forced to explain that he was not going to pay money for a job that he does very well himself. Well, such a position went sideways to the man, because the neighbors were offended by him. Allegedly, this evil man, out of spite, does not allow the hardworking boy to earn pocket money.

neighbor's son mows the lawn

After reading this story, Internet users were perplexed. They are surprised by people who are not able to accept refusal as an answer. Of course, a boy who is ready to work hard is sympathetic, but his parents are clearly strange people. By the way, a young lawn mower could well put up ads around the district and thus expand his clientele without disturbing people who do not need his services.

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