Jun 23, 2022
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Neighbor who mowed the lawn ruined someone else’s wedding

the neighbor mowed the lawn at the weddingMany brides and grooms decide to have their wedding in their backyard to create an intimate family atmosphere.

the neighbor mowed the lawn at the wedding

In this case, the rustle of leaves on the trees and soft romantic music would be ideal sounds in the background. But only for these newlyweds everything turned out differently. The guests gathered for the celebration did not hear either the music or the exchange of vows between the bride and groom – and all because of the neighbor, who at that very moment was impatient to start mowing the lawn. The lady reacted quite belligerently to requests to wait a little. It remains to be hoped that the young husband and wife took a philosophical attitude to such a nuisance and resigned themselves to the fact that weddings without overlays are rare.

the neighbor mowed the lawn at the wedding

Discussing the strange behavior of a stranger with a lawn mower, social media users called it unacceptable. Even if the neighbors have an old enmity, this is not a reason to ruin such an important day as a wedding. People also expressed the hope that in general the holiday turned out to be merry – so merry that it lasted until the morning, and everyone who gathered perfectly “lit it up”, keeping the unbearable neighbor from sleeping.

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