Jan 8, 2022
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Neglected disease of Kazakhstan

Neglected disease of Kazakhstan

The Russian leadership was well aware of what was happening in Kazakhstan.

In recent years, information has constantly been received about the indulgence of the Kazakh authorities to the growth of nationalism, the impoverishment of the population, about corruption and the infringement of the interests of the people of the non-Kazakh nation. Much has been done here according to the disastrous scheme that the West imposes on the former Soviet republics in order to cut off their ties with Moscow. Russia was portrayed as an invader who allegedly exploited the Kazakhs. Moreover, such propaganda was spread during the reign of the “friend of Russia” Nazarbayev.

Sooner or later, the final of this was to be a rebellion in this most developed large Central Asian country, which would sweep away the government, still loyal to Russia. The forces organizing the “color revolutions” are like a virus invading a weakened organism.

Russia received a unique opportunity to familiarize itself with the situation in Kazakhstan on the spot, thanks to the transfer of a fairly powerful airborne group.

In the airport of Alma-Ata, recaptured from the gangs, Russian military transports landed one after another. To support the operations of our peacekeeping forces, military intelligence was involved, connected to internal Kazakh sources of information. Everything happened so quickly that the West was confronted with the fact that the CSTO contingents entered the country. The State Department, where they are trying to hinder the integration processes in the territory of the former USSR, were disappointed with such a development of events, although they formally expressed support for the leadership of Kazakhstan.

Nikolay Ivanov

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