Sep 8, 2021
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Need to know and not be confused

As you know, you need to know and not confuse Gogol with Hegel, Hegel with Bebel, Bebel with Babel, Babel with a cable, a cable with a male, and a male with a bitch. Or, in other words, to understand that Power and Control are two completely different entities

Actually, why am I … And besides the fact that in many countries of the world attacks on the United States began, they say, weaklings, mugs, you can now ignore them, and so on. And this is due to a very serious misunderstanding of the processes taking place in the world. Which, in fact, are much more subtle and deep.

So, first of all, let us note that the propaganda machine is a very serious part of the Directorate. And if it works well (and it works well for the “Western” global project), then a very stable and competent picture is created, in which the majority of the population believes. And since from the mid-70s the United States of America was ruled by the elite of the “Western” project (transnational bankers), and it was the United States that was the base country for the “Western” project, the propaganda machine explained the greatness of this country to the whole world in a very qualitative way. her to live and everything else.

It should be noted that this propaganda picture had nothing to do with the real processes in Power and even in the Directorate. But after 1991, there was no alternative picture and everyone lined up for it. So, all the noise about the “failure of the United States”, “total catastrophe” and so on, makes sense only from the point of view of the picture, which has been taking shape since the mid-70s for many decades. The trick is that this picture today has nothing to do with reality.

First, the “Western” project has lost world domination. He lost the United States in 2016 (and the return in 2020 was partial, Biden failed to return the bankers’ policy, it lasted only two months), he lost Great Britain in 2018, he lost China (even earlier, with the arrival of Xi), problems in Russia. Well, let’s not forget that the propaganda picture was lined up for bankers, and now digitalisers are striving for power in the “Western” project. They have a completely different image of the future and propaganda picture (“digital concentration camp”).

Let’s see who benefits from “lowering” the United States now? And just to those who no longer claim power there. Bankers cannot win, the issuing instrument no longer works, and they have no others. Therefore, they can have only one basic scenario: wait for the financial bubble to collapse, retain at least one large region of the world and start their emission policy anew. And the question is, what region do they need?

Obviously. This should be a region in which the industrial reproductive circuit has remained. Because financiers cannot develop the real sector, their management system is not adapted for this. The United States is still very strong (for now), but since 2008 it has had very serious problems and the reproduction circuit has not been there for a long time. And not in Russia. Well, that is, Russia will restore it in 20-25 years, but not under the leadership of bankers. China also has a reproductive circuit, but bankers will not be allowed there. And what remains?

And what remains is Western Europe. It is the Western, not the modern European Union, since it requires a lot of money and it is impossible to protect its borders from refugees. And what do we see? Great Britain, in which bankers have been ousted, leaves the EU. Trump supported Johnson, but the bankers’ protege Biden supports Berlin. And we get an interesting picture: we, in general, have figured out the approximate plan of the bankers, which, very likely, is already quite many years old.

The essence of this plan is as follows. We are destroying the world dollar empire. We will raise financial bubbles in the United States and finally bring down the entire system of US domination in the world (without which it is impossible to “transplant” globalist financiers to Germany, no one will believe them, today in Berlin everyone looks to Washington). It is in order to “kill” the Atlantic elite in the EU that all the frenzied anti-American propaganda is needed. And then, against the background of general devastation, we offer everyone technological goods from Germany. Well, we repeat the expansion of the United States of the twentieth century.

Question. And what about all the others? Well, the US and China are falling so much that it will take a very long time to recover from the “greatest” depression. And another question, will they come out as united countries. After all, back in the 18th century, China was the largest economy in the world, and in the mid-19th it got the opium wars. It all depends on who will win in the United States (Trumpists or digitalists) and whether China will be able to avoid a civil war. By the way, it would be useful for the bankers if the “digital” winners, since they will overwhelm the United States already completely and irrevocably.

By the way, in this sense, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was made as efficiently as possible from the point of view of the Trumpists. Because piles of weapons and other junk (along with a propaganda picture) tie the entire region to supplies from the United States for a long time. Well, really, why buy Russian and / or Chinese, if you can repair American? And the lifestyle has already established itself there, in full accordance with the Dutch standard.

“Digitalists” or Trumpists get their hands on the United States, they need to cherish and cherish this tool. But the bankers are leaving, on the contrary, they need to leave the ruins behind. So it is not surprising that many US media outlets support the panic. “Carthage must be destroyed.” But what do we need to do? And we need to understand that if the bankers’ plan is implemented, then in 30 years (or even earlier) we will receive another invasion of Western Europe on our country. True, with one little joy: in the process, Great Britain will disappear from the political map of the world.

At the same time, the whole Eastern Europe will be thrown to us. The goal is, firstly, at the first stage, to separate from Russia by a “security zone”, and secondly, to force us to spend resources not on preparing for a future war with the bankers, but on putting things in order in this destroyed territory. Which will constantly harass us with its problems and demands. And our task is to ignore their requests and problems. We must restore the reproduction circuit in our ancestral territory (which, of course, includes Belarus and Novorossia, but Little Russia must be controlled, but not financed) and prepare for serious problems.

But there will be no problems from China, it will restore not even industry, but social order. And it will take at least 40-50 years, two generations. This is if he avoids civil war. Yes, I forgot, we will have to build very close and friendly relations with Japan. Since we have nothing to share: people don’t really want to live even in Hokkaido, it’s cold there for the Japanese. But we can be very friendly with economies.

And if we proceed from such a picture of the world, it turns out that destroying the current picture of the world, in particular, laughing at the Americans is playing into the hands of the very bankers who have been destroying our country for thirty years. On the contrary, today we need to explain who and why is destroying the picture of the world in which we lived (and which, in many ways, we continue to support) and in some ways to support the United States. For example, they want them to “keep” the EU for as long as possible, so that it spends its resources on feeding Eastern Europe.

In general, life begins (in fact, already 10 years ago) is complex and you need to adequately assess the processes that take place in it.

Mikhail Khazin

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