Aug 1, 2022
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Navy Day in Sevastopol, together with the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, was undermined by Kyiv. Details

In the photo: Ukrainian military during exercises with drones in close-to-combat conditions.

In the photo: Ukrainian military during exercises with drones in close-to-combat conditions. (Photo: ZUMA/TASS, archived)

July 31, the day of the Navy, terrorists from the air attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. The date, of course, was chosen on purpose.

Every year, Sevastopol waits for the last Sunday of July in a way that this day is not expected anywhere else. Because the last Sunday of July, first in the Soviet Union, and now in Russia, is Navy Day.

City, in time Empress Catherine born for the sake of the fleet, living for centuries for the sake of the fleet, working for the sake of the fleet, simply cannot but celebrate this holiday widely and solemnly. Practically in every Sevastopol family where there were or where there are military sailors. And even where they are not, but they live, for example, in the neighborhood.

It has always been so. Even during the “Ukrainian timelessness” until 2014.

Kyiv was very jealous about this. As best he could, he tried to convince the townspeople that from now on, they say, after 1992, the most important thing for them is the Day of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. And the Black Sea Fleet of Russia is, they say, so … Guests who will soon pack their bags.

In order to insist on their own, in the capital of Ukraine, their own dates were set for their own, separate from Russia, naval holiday. They puffed up with all their might, trying to make this day an event for Sevastopol, which stubbornly did not celebrate it. Nothing came out. No one was especially eager for purely Ukrainian celebrations. Only a few sailors of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, local officials and a small number of “Svidomites”, who mostly moved to these shores from Western Ukraine, came and sat out their seats in the stands.

Therefore, by the will of annoyed Kyiv, in the official calendar of memorable dates of Ukraine, the Day of the Ukrainian Navy jumped like a flea in a nursery for homeless mutts.

First since 1997 it was August 1st. Well, because, as it turned out, a couple of years before that, it was on August 1 that the Naval Forces of Ukraine, which had just been formed as a result of the division of the Black Sea Fleet, conducted their first exercises in the Black Sea.

In 2005 President Viktor Yushchenko I decided that the people do not want to celebrate this day because the “red (or yellow-black?) day of the calendar” often falls on weekdays. And by his decree he decided to postpone the date, which had not been noticed by the stubborn Sevastopol residents, to the first Sunday of July. His Decree determined: “… in order to revive national maritime traditions and taking into account the role of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in ensuring the defense capability of the state …”.

However, the prestige of the Ukrainian fleet in Sevastopol did not get any better. Citizens continue to sit at home.

When he came to power in a neighboring state Victor Yanukovichhe decided that the Naval Forces of Ukraine should not try to invent their own, but simply “cling” with the Day of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in Sevastopol to the Russians. And then the audience on Primorsky Boulevard will simply be forced to applaud not only the Russian tricolor, but also the flag of Ukraine.

This was the case until 2015. When the President Petro Poroshenko ordered to transfer the Day of the Navy to the first Sunday of July. So that it doesn’t happen here either, “like the aggressor”.

In a word, Sevastopol saw a lot in this respect until he returned to Russia. But one thing, as it was, is unchanged: until this year, on the last Sunday of July, everyone who was able to put on their best summer dresses and suits and went to Primorsky Boulevard. Opposite which RUSSIAN warships stood at anchors and mooring barrels. The military brass band played RUSSIAN songs. And in the Sevastopol Bay, in full breadth, the sailors of the Black Sea Fleet unfolded their water sports festival, for which they had been preparing for a whole year.

It has always been so. But not today. Because the menacing breath of the close front broke into Sevastopol.

A week ago, it was decided that for security reasons there would be neither a parade of ships in the bay, nor a water sports performance there on July 31st. On the Day of the Fleet, the celebrations will be limited to laying flowers at the monuments and wreaths on the waves, under which the Black Sea people died in numerous battles in different centuries.

Perhaps the command had operational information that Kyiv was vindictively preparing the first strike on Sevastopol on that dear Sunday. And so it happened.

In the early morning of July 31, from a small drone, the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet was suddenly attacked, standing in the very center of the city, on a high hill near St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, in which the remains of the legendary Russian admirals are buried. Nakhimov, Kornilov, Istomin as well as Lazareva. From here, the entire North Bay is at a glance. In the cozy courtyard of the headquarters, planted with blue fir trees with old cannons at the gate, low-power ammunition was dropped. Five were reportedly wounded on their way to duty. Glass was shattered and the façade was damaged.

“Early this morning, the Ukronazis decided to ruin Navy Day for us. An unidentified object flew into the courtyard of the fleet headquarters, according to preliminary data, it is a drone. 5 people were wounded, these are members of the fleet headquarters, there were no deaths. Help has been provided to everyone, ”wrote the governor of Sevastopol in hot pursuit Mikhail Razvozzhaev.

As for the management of the Black Sea Fleet … It certainly was not interrupted for a minute. Since with the beginning of our special operation in Ukraine it is carried out not at all from this building. And from the reserve command post of the Black Sea Fleet buried deep underground, which is far even from the outskirts of Sevastopol. There is also the current office of the fleet commander.

Nevertheless, the celebration of the Navy Day in the hero city has been officially cancelled. Authorities are urging people to stay home as much as possible. Because Sevastopol has no confidence that this is the last attack on this Sunday, which turned out to be almost fatal.

The place of attack was immediately cordoned off by the FSB and the marines. The investigation has just begun. But practically no one doubts that that kamikaze drone on the Black Sea headquarters was not brought down from Odessa, which is almost three hundred kilometers from these places. The powerful air defense of the Crimea would not allow anyone to cover such a distance with impunity.

No, the perpetrators of the attack should definitely be looked for on the peninsula itself. And even right in Sevastopol. Where, without a doubt, after 2014, there were quite a few completely civilian “Svidomo”, veterans of the Ukrainian Navy and others who were hiding. Yes, and the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine has recently been caught by our FSB more than once by the hand when trying to send trained saboteurs to Tauris.

Today we were given a clear message: the enemies are captured, but not all of them!

The problem is that non-professionals could well have attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. Because the ammunition dropped on the headquarters, in terms of the strength of the destruction produced, is very similar to an ordinary hand grenade. Suppose – the well-known F-1. And a quadrocopter, capable of lifting it into the air and moving it over a short distance, until recently could be bought in an ordinary store.

What is curious: how this deadly combination in the hands of a terrorist can work – some time ago, Russian enthusiastic craftsmen, for the purpose of prevention, demonstrated to everyone just near Sevastopol. Some people told about this in the newspaper “Tomorrow” in the article Stanislav Fedorov as well as Viktor Galenko, members of the Russian Aeronautical Society. They were driven by a noble idea – to start manufacturing semi-handicraft attack drones for the Donbass militias.

The quote from the titled article is extensive. But she, in my opinion, is worth it: “Organization (“Russian Aeronautical Society” – “SP”) public. There is some base. Though small, but own production. A number of organizations allow the use of their airfields, hangars: you can come, work, teach a team. Now we are making drones. The drones we produce are multifaceted. So, at the recent Night Wolves bike show in Sevastopol, we ensured the safety of the event from the air. They checked the work of drones in terms of ground countermeasures. The security service of the bike show specifically hired 50 “hunters” who were supposed to shoot down these devices in order to see how this could be done.

As a result, the highest efficiency of drones in terms of ensuring security in mountainous and urban areas and their complete invulnerability were demonstrated. We just “partisanly” flew a little over the bike show – with a gradual decrease. And until they turned on the lights on the drone, it was not visible. And it has not even been figured out how to fight against it yet: because they are small, fast, invisible. The radar does not take them – there is almost only plastic.

Even earlier, they wrote that approximately the same attack drones had already appeared in large numbers at the People’s Militia in Donbass. It looks like this. An ordinary glass or mug is hung under the belly of a tiny quadrocopter. Inside is a hand grenade with a pulled pin. The walls of the vessel, which hold the grenade lever in a safe position, do not allow it to explode immediately.

But as soon as the operator gives the command to drop the ammunition, it is worth the glass to break on the ground, as the lever is immediately cocked. Seconds later, an explosion.

It is clear that there are such craftsmen not only in the Russian Aeronautical Society, but also in Ukraine. It is clear that launching such a contraption over Sevastopol is a trifling matter for them. You just need to get to Sevastopol, which is not a problem, especially in summer, in the crowds of holidaymakers. Or even live in it, dying from anger since 2014, with a thirst for bloody revenge.

Is it possible to fight this, or can similar attacks await us anywhere? Though in the same Moscow Kremlin? This is a question, of course, to our designers and our professional fighters against terrorists.

In the meantime, the “Pandora’s box” seems to be open not only over the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. Over all of Russia.

There is another version. Bandera drone pointed to Sevastopol by a British reconnaissance aircraft. On the eve of the Boeing RC-135 of the Royal Air Force crossed the territorial waters of Bulgaria and at an altitude of about 10 kilometers approached the coast near Sevastopol. Then he flew along the Crimean South Coast to the Kuban, then returned along the same route.

Specifically, the ZZ665 Royal Air Force Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint is a member of the largest strategic reconnaissance aircraft family based on the American C-135 Stratolifter transport aircraft and the KC-135 Stratotanker tanker. It has been involved in intelligence operations since the late 1960s, and is still actively used by the United States and Great Britain.

In this case, a special airliner codenamed “Rivet Joint” belongs to the Royal Air Force (Royal Air Force – RAF). Specialists emphasize a characteristic detail. Given the unusual brevity of the Sevastopol voyage – the flight there and back took no more than an hour – it is possible to determine the very specific purpose of the visit of the British intelligence officer.

The network calls today’s action the answer of the British to the events of June 23, 2021. Then the aviation of the Black Sea Fleet used four bombs to “shake up” the crew of Her Majesty’s destroyer Defender, which brazenly invaded Russian territorial waters near Sevastopol …

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