Jan 29, 2021
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Navalny’s film about "Putin’s palace" in Gelendzhik broke the record of 100 million views

FBK’s two-hour video about “Putin’s palace” tells about the palace, which is being built and maintained, including at the expense of the state-owned companies Rosneft and Transneft, headed by two close friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin – Igor Sechin and Nikolai Tokarev. The secret “palace of Putin the monarch”, according to the most conservative estimates, is estimated at about 100 billion rubles. FBK has unveiled the architectural plan of the building built on Cape Idokopas in Gelendzhik. According to investigators, the 17,691 square meter palace is the largest, most secret and most guarded private residence in Russia. On the territory adjacent to the mansion there is a hockey rink, a church, a greenhouse, a tea house and a tunnel overlooking the sea.

Navalny called this film a “psychological portrait” that allows one to understand “how a simple Soviet officer turned into a madman, obsessed with money and luxury.”

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, when asked by journalists about the investigation, said that “nothing new” was “presented” in the film. He stated that such materials are “high-quality cranberries”, “scam” and are created by “crooks” to withdraw money from the population.

Vladimir Putin himself disowned this palace, stating that this property had never belonged to him or to his close relatives.

As noted by the BBC Russian Service, it is the popularity of President Putin himself that explains, not least, the popularity of this film.

“It is obvious that the film is now being watched not only by politicized audiences, but also by ordinary people, because both the video and the material of the investigation actually consist of a compilation of a number of investigations,” says Ilya Shumanov, deputy general director of Transparency International – Russia. everyone in this investigation finds their own: someone looks about the family, someone about his friends from the KGB in Dresden, someone finds financial transactions from commercial companies, someone admires the interiors, someone finds memes. in fact, the film touches a very wide audience. “

Now Navalny is not just a politician, he is a media in himself, Shumanov believes: “And his media are quite effective and, it seems to me, they work as a communication channel.” As a result, such investigations have resonated.

“If we talk about the accumulation of protest potential, which was nevertheless felt in society, but at the same time, as they say, it was impossible to touch it, then the film is probably such a gathering point. Not only Navalny’s followers, but in principle people who are tired and spoke out against the government and corruption. And this, of course, is one of the significant effects, “Shumanov said.

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