Apr 26, 2022
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Naughty bulldog doused his four-legged girlfriend with a hose

naughty bulldog doused his girlfriendResidents of Hampstead (North Carolina, USA) opened a kindergarten for dogs and often watch interesting scenes between the wards.

naughty bulldog doused his girlfriend

A video surveillance camera comes to the aid of the owners of the kindergarten, so that they always have the opportunity to look after the dogs, and sometimes even laugh, looking at the eccentricities of our smaller brothers.

naughty bulldog doused his girlfriend

Take, for example, a naughty American bulldog named Barry, who made a funny mischief – he grabbed a hose with water and doused his four-legged friend Matilda. Educators, and users of social networks, the scene seemed hilarious, although poor Matilda at that moment was clearly not laughing.

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