Oct 5, 2021
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NAU leader Latushko called Lukashenko Saddam Hussein of Europe


Opposition politician criticized the President of Belarus

Former Belarusian minister and diplomat Pavel Latushko, who was stripped of his rank and positions for supporting opponents of the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, wrote a long article about the events that took place in the republic over the past year. The politician compared the head of state to the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

According to the head of the opposition organization People’s Anti-Crisis Management, Lukashenko is the European version of Hussein. He once again criticized the President of Belarus and called on the European Union to fight him more actively.

For example, complicating the procedure for obtaining visas for Belarusian officials, according to Latushko, will allow punishing the current regime, against which the opposition has brought a number of charges.

On the YouTube channel of the leader of the NAU, it is noted that the active pressure of the EU on the authorities of Belarus began against the background of the migration crisis. Earlier Latushko accused Lukashenka of organized transport of illegal immigrants across the state border with European countries. Brussels shares this view.

In addition, the article refers to the economic sanctions imposed by the European Union against the Belarusian authorities after the forced landing in Minsk of a plane with opposition leader Roman Protasevich on board, as well as his subsequent arrest.

Meanwhile, the ex-minister is dissatisfied with the “slow and limited” response of Brussels to the actions of the President of Belarus. The politician stressed that the head of state is not afraid of the European Union.

“Dictator [Лукашенко] makes a hundred steps forward, and in response, democracy is slowly making only one, “Latushko said.

The oppositionist even accused Lukashenka of capturing citizens and murders. He noted that the Belarusian president behaves in Europe like Saddam Hussein.

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