Dec 29, 2020
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Naturecool technology

What could be better than fresh fruits and vegetables? Only fresh frozen vegetables and fruits! Unfortunately, not every refrigerator manufacturer can cope with the difficulty of storing food correctly. However, one company created and offered customers a unique development – Bosch refrigerators with naturecool technology.

Naturecool what is this technology

Interesting nuances naturecool development from Bosch

Naturecool is a revolutionary technology that allows you to freeze food without compromising its integrity, preserve its pleasant taste and aroma after defrosting, as well as create the necessary moisture without forming ice on the walls of the freezer. The complexity of the technology implementation hides a simple task to cool the contents of the freezer without forced air circulation. The absence of metal elements inside the freezer compartment, direct contact between the evaporator and the walls of the refrigerator saves consumers from defrosting and cleaning.

Refrigerators with naturecool technology

This type of freezing is absolutely noiseless, which is very important in the life of a modern active person in need of rest. The noise level of the freezer does not exceed a human whisper, and this is only 38 dB. There is also TwinLED LED lighting in the freezer compartment, which is designed so that it does not overlap with the contents and will always help you find the desired dish even in the complete absence of lighting.

Particularly convenient is the compactness of Bosch refrigerators, which, using modern technical solutions, reduce the dimensions of the device and can be installed close to the wall. The doors that open through 90 ° save even more useful space.

TwinLED LED lighting

Directly about the volume of chambers of the two-meter model, we can say that it is one of the largest in its class – 257 liters! The section for storing vegetables and fruits is 26 liters, which is comparable to 2 buckets of apples. Humidity regulation in these compartments is controlled by VitaFresh technology. The engineers took the issue of the location of the shelves very seriously, which are designed in such a way as to accommodate the maximum possible number of products familiar to our region.

Consumers are offered a choice of a range of accessories with which consumers will increase the usable area and be able to place a variety of dishes and products. A hanging shelf is provided for the safety of small food containers, and special sliding elements provide free access even with the maximum filling of the chamber.

Bosch naturecool refrigerators are designed in Germany according to European quality standards and are backed by a long warranty. A series of tests and tests during production reduce the risk of scrap and increase the service life up to 10 years.

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