Aug 1, 2022
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Natural remedies for pest control in the garden

Natural remedies for pest control in the garden

Home remedies for the destruction of pests in gardens and gardens have a number of serious advantages. They have a low cost and are widely available, and most importantly, they are safe for the environment, because they contain natural components that, when decomposed, do not harm nature and people.

There is a wide range of different insecticides on the market for controlling harmful insects, but you should be aware that their use can be hazardous to health. According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of thousands of people die every year from the ingestion of insecticides, beneficial insects, animals and birds die. In case of accidental or deliberate contact with even a small amount of chemical ingredients, you can harm your body.

In addition, water, soil or plants polluted with toxic substances have enormous harm to humans and wildlife. Therefore, all fruit crops should be grown in environmentally friendly conditions, and only natural remedies should be used to repel insects or small rodents.

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Cilantro or coriander seed

With the help of cilantro greens, you can get rid of spider mites. To do this, a bunch of fresh plants should be boiled for 10 minutes, cool and strain. Spray the liquid with a spray bottle. In addition to ants, the cilantro flavor is a concern for fleas and some ants. In addition to fresh herbs, dried herbs can also be used.

lavender leaves

With the help of fresh leaves or essential oil, you can scare away ants that do not like the sharp and pungent smell of lavender. Green leaves – 300 g pour a liter of cold water and bring to a boil, then cool. Treat plants or indoor surfaces with this infusion. Freshly cut grass, which is laid out in window openings, near ventilation openings, or near baseboards, has the same properties.

Sugar with baking soda

This mixture is one of the most effective for killing cockroaches. Mix soda powder with sugar, add a little water and arrange in small containers. Sugar attracts cockroaches, while baking soda will kill them. Place these containers in places where insects accumulate: furniture, near pipes, in drawers, heaters, and others where cockroaches most often appear. In addition, the prepared powder can simply be poured onto the floor or furniture, but in this case, no water is added.

To prevent the appearance of new insects, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the apartment, to close all cracks in the walls in a timely manner. It is necessary to prevent soiling and accumulation of dishes with food residues, which attract cockroaches, and thoroughly ventilate the premises.

Infusion of garlic

Garlic is one of the most powerful repellents for killing many pests. The smell of garlic will destroy or scare away a whole column of insects from your plants. Garlic infusion has a milder flavor and will not cause discomfort to people and pets, so it can be used indoors.

To prepare: grind the average head of garlic together with a few buds of dry cloves, pour the mixture with two glasses of cool water and let it brew for a day. Before use, strain the liquid and dilute with three liters of water. Spray generously on garden plants or where insects gather in the garden or indoors.

Baking soda

Mice can not only interfere with nighttime rest and ruin food and furniture in the apartment, they are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases, so you should get rid of them immediately. If mice have appeared in your house or apartment, then the safest way to kill them is baking soda powder.

Mix dry powder with flour and add sugar, which should be twice as much. Spread this mixture in small containers or lids, which you place where traces of their habitation were noticed.

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