Apr 9, 2021
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NATO troops in Estonia learn how to move through forests

“A big war is brewing in Europe, and they will try to involve Estonia as well”

Joint military exercises of the Estonian armed forces with the British and French military have begun in Estonia – this is a preparation for the large military exercise “Spring Storm” scheduled for May. During the exercise, the movement of not only light equipment, but also heavy tanks is practiced.

The French and British do not hide their main goal, which is not to train the Estonian military, but to get the experience of moving around unfamiliar wooded areas and get used to the harsh northern conditions, for example, to sleep in the open air.

“The forests here are rather swampy, this greatly constrains our freedom of maneuver and prevents us from finding suitable places where we could move and open fire at the same time. So this is a new area for us, making its own demands. And the goal of these exercises, together with our allies, is to adapt to this area, ”

– quotes a French officer named Charles from the Estonian edition ERR

According to the chairman of the People’s Party of Indigenous Estonians Harry Raudvere, now there is a danger of Estonia being drawn into a big military confrontation brewing in the Donbass.

“A big war is brewing in Europe, and the Americans will obviously try to involve us in it. And this is no longer a joke. There is no need for Estonia to get involved in a war with Russia, which is not going to attack anyone and will only defend its citizens if they are in danger, ”

– stated Harry Raudvere on the air of the “Lunch hour” program on the radio station Nõmme Radio

The political scientist agrees with him. Igor Rosenfeld, who believes that Estonia simply does not have a choice, the decision will be made not in Tallinn, but in Brussels, and at the same time they will hardly take into account the interests of Estonia, which is a NATO member and is simply obliged to follow all orders.

“I do not know of such precedents when Estonia refused to comply with the instructions received from Brussels. The Western policy towards Ukraine is a NATO-wide strategy, and Estonia, as a NATO member, will fully participate in this strategy. Now in Ukraine there is an exacerbation it is not yet known to what stage it will reach. NATO has expanded and plans to expand further, so I cannot answer the question of whether Ukraine will join NATO in the negative, ”

– the political scientist commented on the aggravation of the situation on the contact line in Donbass in an interview with radio Sputnik Media

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