Sep 9, 2021
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NATO special group arrived in Lithuania – to look for “hybrid threats”

Vilnius is glad that it can demonstrate the support of the “strategic partner” to everyone

The long-awaited NATO special group to combat hybrid threats has arrived in Lithuania, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said. Vilnius is confident that this will once again demonstrate not only neighboring Belarus, but the whole of Europe, “Strategic partners will not leave Lithuania in a crisis situation”

Specialists in hybrid threats and the Baltic region will stay in the country for two weeks. During this time, they will carefully analyze what exactly threatens Lithuania, whether the threat really comes from Belarus, give recommendations on how to counter these threats, as well as develop strategic communication plans in case of emergencies and explain how to respond to incidents.

“A group of experts arrived in the country at the request of the Lithuanian government to provide support in the fight against hybrid threats. The Alliance continues to closely monitor the situation on the border of Lithuania with Belarus, which is putting pressure on our allies Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, exacerbating migration challenges. The arrival of our specialists is a sign of Lithuania’s support from the alliance and a demonstration of its solidarity, ”

– said the head of the NATO special group Michael Ruehle

The NATO Special Task Force on Combating Hybrid Threats was created in 2018 by the decision of the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance. NATO experts help the countries that sent the request to counter hybrid threats in the areas of cyber security, energy security, and the fight against terrorism.

Joy was not hidden in Vilnius. According to the Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anushauskas, the arrival of the NATO special group, of course, is very important in order to solve all the problems associated with the “hybrid aggression” of Belarus.

“But the most important thing is to prove to an unfriendly neighbor that we are not alone in the fight against tyranny, we have allies with whom we work closely, and in crisis situations we can count on their strong support,”

– noted the head of the Ministry of Defense.

Since the beginning of the year, more than four thousand illegal migrants heading to Europe through Lithuania have been detained at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. This is 55 times more than was delayed in 2020. Vilnius blames Belarus for everything unsubstantiated, assuring that migrants are “hybrid weapons” Alexander Lukashenkowho avenges European sanctions.

Minsk has repeatedly stated that Europe’s curtailment of joint programs to protect the borders of the EU and Belarus is to blame, so Minsk will deal with illegal migration as much as financially possible.

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