Oct 8, 2021
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NATO Secretary General: Georgia should count on help from neighbors, not Alliance

The situation in the South Caucasus becomes explosive

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, speaking in Washington, once again made it clear that the Euro-Atlantic future of Georgia and Ukraine is rather uncertain, but there is hope. Again, the solution to this issue rests on the fulfillment of “certain obligations” that have not been fulfilled.

“The accession will not take place tomorrow. Therefore, my message to NATO allies is virtually the same as I told President Biden yesterday. We need to step up our actions. And try to do more for countries seeking to join the alliance. As long as they are not members, we must give them more support, more training programs, more capacity building, help reform, fight corruption and build security and defense institutions, ”

– said the secretary general, without informing anything new either for Kiev or for Tbilisi.

At the same time, he recalled that only NATO member states and no one else will decide on the entry (or non-entry) of these countries into the ranks of the Alliance. In the meantime, Georgia and Ukraine must resolve their security issues independently, “in cooperation with their neighbors.”

In Tbilisi, Stoltenberg’s wish was taken as a guide to action – joint Georgian-Turkish-Azerbaijani command-staff exercises “Eternity-2021” were deployed on the territory of the country. The legend of the exercises, according to the press service of the Georgian Defense Ministry, is exclusively defensive – the military of the three countries have been tasked with organizing the protection of “regional economic projects”.

“There is a strong impression that the Georgian authorities have seriously decided to create on their territory a kind of training ground for practicing military operations against an unnamed enemy. Moreover, the military power and potential of the US and NATO are no longer sufficient for Georgian strategists, and in recent years Tbilisi has been actively deepening military ties with Ankara and Baku, ”

– commented on the beginning of military exercises at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia.

Tskhinvali is also concerned about the holding of military exercises – they are sure that Georgia, having increased its military potential in recent years, has not abandoned its plans to seize the territory of South Ossetia by force. All the more so against the backdrop of yet another internal political crisis.

Meanwhile, the situation in the region is heating up more and more – Iran’s relations with Ankara and Baku are deteriorating every day. Tbilisi says that joint exercises on its territory are a response to Iranian military exercises on the border with Azerbaijan.

Iran recalled the attack on the Iranian embassy in Baku. In response, the pro-Iranian organization “Islamic Resistance Movement in Azerbaijan”, the so-called “Husseinites”, became more active in Azerbaijan. Turkey also did not stand aside – on Thursday, October 7, it became known that Turkish checkpoints were closed for Iranian trucks in response to the ban on the entry of Turkish trucks into Iranian territory. Thus, the trade turnover between Iran and Turkey has actually been stopped.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia regards the holding of military exercises against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region as a “dangerous provocative attack” that could serve as the beginning of an armed conflict.

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In the photo: The headquarters of the exercises “Eternity-2021”, source – Twitter.

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