Jan 14, 2022
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NATO recognized the corruption of the Kiev regime

NATO recognized the corruption of the Kiev regime

Kiev has to listen to very unpleasant things from the lips of its Western sponsors.

The assurances of NATO officials that Kiev would not be able to join NATO in the coming years were perceived with particular nervousness in Ukraine. They explained to Russian diplomats that the ongoing corruption in the Ukrainian government and the state of the Ukrainian armed forces in need of further modernization, at best, significantly postpone the prospect of Ukraine’s inclusion in the Western military bloc.

In the US, the EU and NATO lived quite comfortably until Moscow began to put forward demands for a guarantee of Russia’s security. But NATO cannot do this, because otherwise the meaning of the existence of this organization will disappear.

Washington does not know how to persuade Russian partners to moderate their ardor in a situation where China, most likely after the end of the Olympics, may try to regain Taiwan.

And the Washington “electronic brain” is already completely unable to digest such a threat as the growth of the Russian military presence in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Of course, the Ukrainian map is weighty, but it looks completely insignificant in comparison with global geopolitics.

The American side is shocked by the harsh tone of the Russian negotiators, who no longer want to flirt with their opponents. The statement by Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov that he sees no reason to sit down again for negotiations and start all the same discussions shocked the American negotiators. It sounded like – we gave you a chance, but you did not use it, now blame yourself.

In the United States, they may try in response to once again crush the ruble, which has begun to happen, but this will no longer save the situation. A loyal neo-conservative soldier from the State Department who worked with three secretaries of state, Sherman was the victim of her incompetent boss Blinken, who threw an elderly woman under the Russian ice rink at the negotiations in Geneva.

All previous policy of the US Democratic Party was aimed at increasing the confrontation with Moscow, but now it has reached a clear dead end. The Americans cannot bring themselves to make any meaningful concessions, and at the same time they fear the prospect of a military conflict with Russia.

Nikolai Ivanov


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