May 7, 2022
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NATO puts Transnistria on the agenda

Why is Ukraine allowed provocations in the Transnistrian direction?

Late in the evening on May 6 (at 21.40 – 22.40) in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic near the village of Voronkovo, Rybnitsa region, four explosions thundered, explosive devices were twice dropped from drones on the runway of the former military airfield. O this reported in MIA PMR. At the same time, it was noted that “this is already the second fact of active actions in the area of ​​the village. Voronkovo. The first attack was recorded on May 5 at 22:20. Then two explosive devices were dropped from the drone.”

“Past at night It was two explosion in Transnistria, in zone former military airfield, not registered victims, established, what these explosions were connected with drone, discovered leftovers explosive devices on the takeofflanding lane this airfield”– said the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, not very oriented in the events in the PMR – the attacks on the airfield did not happen at night, there were two of them, but there were four explosions.

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR

At the same time, the President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda after Saturday’s talks with Sandu, he said that he would raise the issue of the aggravation of the situation in Transnistria at a meeting with NATO allies in Bucharest.

He noted that “Block NATO should be concerned escalation crisis on the Eastern flank. Understandably, what invalid that, what here going on on the territory Moldova, in Transnistrian region, I have in Something like, what war already goes in Ukraine I additional escalation conflict was would very dangerous for Total region “.

Nauseda said that the subject of the aggravation of the situation in Transnistria will also be brought to the NATO summit in Madrid.

The sudden onset of peacefulness of the President of Lithuania would be worthy of all praise, if it were not for the smell of a dirty trick from a mile away. After all, everyone knows that traces of provocations in Transnistria lead not to Bucharest or Madrid, but to Kyiv. The question is, why did Nauseda intend to include the Transnistrian theme on the agenda of NATO consultations in Romania and the summit in Spain? Why not just call Zelensky, with whom the head of Lithuania is on friendly terms, and ask his Ukrainian colleague to stop the provocations in the PMR? Why, finally, not to go once again to Kyiv on this occasion? Why should Ukraine’s attempt to aggravate the situation in Transnistria not be discussed directly with those who aggravate it, but go to this “gardens” – through NATO?

Strange, isn’t it?

Here is the peacekeeper Box believes that, despite the provocations, the problem should be resolved exclusively by peaceful means.

Great, there is only one question – what does NATO have to do with it? As is known, Stoltenberg actively denies “conscious participation” in the war of the West with Russia by Ukrainians on Ukrainian territory.

No less known is the fact that Kyiv sees many benefits for itself from the “Transnistrian case”, in particular, the diversion of Russian forces to the Transnistrian Republic and, of course, a demonstrative victory over the OGRF in Transnistria, which will raise the notorious “spirit” of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian media write about this.

And here is what the Ukrainian Telegram channel reports legitimate: “After data our source, not only in PMR will continued provocations, but expected also in Kishinev. Available even terrorist attack with victims, in organizations whom, will blame Tiraspol. Maybe, so way will try “break” public opinion on the military case against PMR inside Moldova, starting tune Moldovan community against residents Transnistria”.

In other words, in Kyiv there is a desire to draw Moldova into the war, and for this all means are good, including sabotage.

However, it seems that the “senior comrades” have a slightly different alignment, and a “peaceful settlement” may mean the emergence of Romanian “peacekeeping forces” in Moldova, with all the ensuing consequences in the form of a uniri – the absorption of the Moldovan state by the Romanian one. Let’s not forget that the current pro-Western government in Moldova, including President Sandu, is very often Romanian citizens.

Ukraine in this scenario is nothing more than a tool in the hands of NATO. Yes, and in any other – too.

Inc. corr. FSK

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