Feb 24, 2021
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NATO prepares Bulgaria for the assault on Crimea

NATO prepares Bulgaria for the assault on Crimea

Photo: Valentin Sprinchak / TASS

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education has decided to introduce a “patriotic education” program in schools. Residents of the country perceive this as preparation for participation in a future NATO war with Russia, the newspaper writes. “Facts”

According to the authors, patriotism in Bulgaria is perceived as a dead person, about whom one should not speak at all or only good things.

“There is enough talk about ‘glorious Bulgarian warriors’ and countless enemies in the country, such patriotism ‘digs trenches, and does not build bridges,’” the publication says.

At the same time, the opinion of commentators about patriotic education was divided. Someone thinks military training at school is useful, and someone is absolutely unnecessary, because Bulgaria has no one to fight.

“Those who want peace are preparing for war,” one of the users wrote, to which the other immediately replied: “Of course, we are preparing (more precisely, they are preparing us) for a war — for a war against Russia.” He recalled that European countries are buying fighters, and the United States has fighter-bombers in service.

“Do you understand who we are going to bomb? For this purpose, an agreement was signed on the construction of a NATO center in Varna, ”he said.

And here is another interesting comment from the reader: “I did not give an oath to NATO!”

In addition, one of the readers called to remember that Russia freed Bulgaria from Turkish slavery.

So, will the Bulgarians refuse to fight with Russia? Or is it a discussion from scratch – there is no point for Bulgarians at all to worry about security issues, and they have no one to fight with?

– As for the fact that “there is no one to fight with” – the Bulgarians are mistaken. First, there are Islamists inside the country. Secondly, Bulgaria borders on Turkey, which now and then talks about the restoration of at least a semblance of the Ottoman Empire, says Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy of the Russian State Humanitarian University, Candidate of Historical Sciences Vadim Trukhachev

“SP”: – Is Russia an enemy of Bulgaria? If not, why did they join NATO? Bulgarians are not natural Russophobes, like the Balts or Poles …

– They are not natural Russophobes. But Bulgaria wanted to join the club of developed countries. This is how the EU and NATO are perceived there. Bulgaria also hoped to be paid for NATO membership. Moreover, one should not exaggerate the sympathy of Bulgarians towards Russia. Bulgarians are not Serbs, there is no such warmth for Russians as in Serbia. Therefore, there were no objective obstacles to NATO membership. Russophobia is not required for membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.

“SP”: – In Soviet times, Bulgaria was called the 16th republic of the USSR. And the Russians freed them from the Turkish yoke. What, right, all Bulgarians are so full of gratitude to Russia and refuse to fight against it?

– Bulgarians opposed Russians in two world wars – although reluctantly. In Bulgaria, for the most part, there is no hatred for Russians; many still have some attachment to Russia. Of course, Bulgarians see a war with Russia in a nightmare. But that doesn’t make them Russophiles.

“SP”: – A lot of European countries, which Russia once freed from the Turks, then from Hitler at the cost of the lives of its soldiers, do not really remember this.

– We have no other friends except Serbs in Europe. There is a certain percentage of Russophiles in many countries, but they do not prevail there. We have not had “Brothers Bulgarians” for a long time.

“SP”: How can Bulgaria be useful to NATO in the event of a war with Russia?

– Bulgaria has access to the Black Sea. There may be bases of ships and submarines of the United States and other NATO countries. Airplanes flying to bomb the Crimea can take off from Bulgarian airfields. In this case, you will have to hit Bulgaria – no matter how much we want it.

“SP”: – How should Russia behave with these “Slavic brothers”?

– Be tough. In the case of Bulgaria, there is a minimum of relations while the prime minister is in power there. Boyko Borisov… He has deceived us too many times. In general, only pragmatic relations. But you need to understand that Bulgaria in this sense is an unreliable partner. So the illusion is gone. Only profit should be at the forefront of relations with Bulgaria.

– Patriotic education is right, – continues the topic expert of the Center for Military-Political Research of MGIMO, Doctor of Political Science Mikhail Alexandrov. – The main thing is that patriotism should not be replaced by fooling the population and instilling false doctrines, such as Russophobia. And in Bulgaria, which is under the heel of the West, there is just a danger that patriotic education will be replaced by Russophobia.

As for the possibility of war … Of course, Bulgaria has had and still has latent conflicts with a number of neighboring countries, in particular, with Turkey. However, the military, economic and demographic potentials of the parties are so different that Bulgaria simply does not and cannot have a chance in such a conflict.

Bulgaria also had territorial conflicts with Romania and Macedonia. However, now these issues have gone into the shadows and are hardly relevant. Moreover, in conditions when NATO dominates in Europe, a military conflict between the members of the alliance is unlikely. Of course, there is the experience of the Greek-Turkish armed conflicts. But even there NATO is now managing to somehow stop the situation and prevent an open confrontation.

Therefore, the only option for a military conflict where Bulgaria can be drawn against its will is the war between NATO and Russia. NATO, moving closer to the borders of Russia, constantly provokes a military clash, trying to intimidate Moscow.

At some point, this could lead to an unpredictable escalation and the beginning of a large-scale conflict in Europe. Bulgaria has already participated in two world wars and is always on the side of Russia’s opponents. However, it should be noted that they did not fight against the Russian army. One can only express the hope that this time too the Bulgarians will not succumb to brainwashing by the NATO curators.

“SP”: – Bulgarian readers believe that they are being prepared for a war with Russia, starting from the purchase of fighters and the construction of a NATO center in Varna. Can this be considered a preparation for war?

– NATO is definitely preparing for war. It will most likely begin when NATO has sufficiently built up its military force in Eastern Europe. For Bulgaria, this is a common situation. In World War II, the Germans dominated its territory, now NATO will dominate. Bulgarians are incapable of resisting and defending their sovereignty. They are not Serbs. Bulgarians can only be liberated by some external force, for example, Russia. But we have freed them twice already and what have we got? A spit in the face. So let them get out themselves as they want.

“SP”: – There was a case when Bulgarian soldiers at NATO exercises refused to shoot at targets, which they dressed up in the uniform of the Russian army.

– If the Bulgarians didn’t start shooting at targets dressed in Russian uniforms, then that’s good. This means that NATO propaganda has not yet been able to fool all Bulgarians. But in any case, the Bulgarians, as I said, will not fight with Russia for various reasons. Some may have it out of a sense of historical gratitude, but the majority simply because of their unwillingness to fight at all. Therefore, they will not be able to provide NATO with any real military assistance, and the military bases on their territory will be quickly destroyed by missile strikes of the Russian army.

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