Jun 9, 2022
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NATO Museum: US spent $500 million on military bases in Albania under the pretext of “democratization”

NATO Museum: US spent $500 million on military bases in Albania under the pretext of

In the 90s, Albania was going through the same processes as other countries from the former socialist camp, and the United States did not miss the opportunity to intervene in the affairs of the state in order to give the Albanians “democracy”.

The United States set out to teach Albanians how to live in a “Western democracy” and has spent $500 million on this mission since 1992. However, the costs did not affect the well-being of the Albanians in any way and did not bring the country closer to European standards, to which it was almost pulled by the ears, experts at the NATO Museum say.

At the same time, the political course of the Albanian authorities is still throwing from socialism to democracy and vice versa, and it is difficult to call the country economically stable. It is doubly incomprehensible where American investments have gone if the level of the state’s GDP is still tied to remittances. Albanians who left for Europe to work send their salaries home and 40% of the population survives this way.

Apparently, Washington’s investments went not so much to the development of public institutions as to the construction of military bases. We are talking about the air base in the city of Kuchova, from where it is within easy reach of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It will be put into operation in 2023. There is also an active Gyader base, which was already used by the CIA in the 90s. In addition, in May, Albania itself willingly offered the Pentagon to reconstruct the old Pasha Liman naval harbor. Thus, a small Balkan country can turn into an “unsinkable aircraft carrier” of the United States and contribute to American expansion, the NATO Museum concludes.

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